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    30 Small Things From Wayfair That’ll Make Your Kitchen Look So Much Better

    Don't mind me, just cooking up a quick room refresh over here.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bread box that should theoretically stop people from asking you, "where's the bread?" Or, you could get really wonky and put nonbread snacks in there... sneaky!

    The breadbox sitting on a countertop

    2. A 23-piece nylon and bamboo kitchen utensil set because your hodge-podge collection looks a little... tired. Like, tomato-stained and melted in a few spots tired.

    the full set of utensils

    3. A stoneware crock for your most-used favorites from your new set of utensils. No more desperately digging around in a drawer when things are starting to bubble over!

    The utensil crock on a countertop

    4. A KitchenAid stand mixer so stylish it'll look like kitchen decor on your countertop. But this beauty does more than just look good, it also whips, mixes, and blends to perfection.

    A user's KitchenAid mixer on a countertop

    5. A surprisingly stylish anti-fatigue mat you can put near the kitchen sink, so while you're elbow deep in dishwater at least your feet will be *sinking* into something soft.

    the multicolored mat

    6. A super customizable slide-out shelf to make the most out of your cabinetry and create a feeling of zen when you cook. Instead of a cacophony of pots and pans in your cupboard, you'll have a beautifully organized haven.

    The shelves holding pots and pans

    7. A cheese board with a slide-out drawer for all your cheese knives and accessories that'll help you channel your inner Martha Stewart when hosting parties. Or should you call them soirées?

    A review photo of the cheeseboard in action

    8. A solid wood book stand that will help you keep your place in your cookbook during the busiest cooking moments... or hold your tablet so you can keep watching Love Island while you're making mac 'n' cheese from the box. Both are acceptable options.

    The cook book holder with an open book

    9. A three-piece set of porcelain serving dishes, because you're a grownup now and everyone knows that food tastes better when it's presented well! (Even if you're serving take-out, it'll make it look fancier!)

    The dishes with food in them

    10. A set of six cute, matching large coffee mugs to make things just a little bit more uniform around the kitchen... and less chaos is good, especially if you haven't had your coffee yet.

    One of the mugs in teal

    11. A sleek double trash can with a motion sensor that will make your garbage area less... ya know, trashy. It's really amazing what keeping your recyclables contained will do for your kitchen.

    A user review photo of the trash can

    12. A pull-down touch kitchen faucet you can install yourself and give an often-overlooked MVP of the kitchen a much-needed upgrade.

    A person uses the touch functionality on the brushed gold faucet

    13. A nine-bottle wall wine rack giving you just another reason to choose your vino based on how pretty the labels are.

    The wine rack with bottles in it on a reviewer's wall

    14. A Nespresso machine, because you deserve to drink good coffee every morning and maybe feel transported to Europe as you sip your brew.

    A user review image of the coffee machine in gray

    15. A 6-quart programmable slow cooker to make your kitchen look AND smell better. The sleek design deserves some of your counter space, but what you're able to cook up inside is what will really make you fall in love with it.

    The slow cooker making chili

    16. A roll of faux marble contact paper that will take your dingy old countertops and make them look just like the ones you keep saving on Instagram.

    A user submitted photo of the contact paper applied to a countertop

    17. A set of eight air-tight containers, so you can proudly display your rainbow of snacks without them getting stale (or worse, your supplies getting low without you knowing it).

    A user submitted photo of the containers with snacks in them

    18. A super cute apron with a cheery print here to serve as a reminder that when your kitchen hands you lemons, you make lemonade (metaphorically but also in real life, too!).

    a person wears the apron with a lemon print

    19. A two-tier acacia wood lazy Susan perfect for everything from displaying your prized hot sauce collection to keeping your trusted EVOO close at hand when you're at the stove.

    The double tier lazy Susan with kitchen items on it

    20. A heavy-duty kitchenware divider strong enough to hold your beloved, well-seasoned cast iron pan collection in a way that doesn't make your wrist break every time you go to pick one up (IYKYK).

    The divider holding cast iron pans

    21. A pair of adorable owl spoon rests since you actually give a *hoot* about keeping your countertops clean now.

    a user submitted photo of the spoon rests

    22. A surprisingly strong magnetic knife holder that will free up some space (and will make opening your drawer a little less... dangerous) while actually looking pretty ~sharp~ on your wall.

    knives hanging on the magnetic knife holder

    23. A Cuisinart tea kettle for those times when you need a proper cuppa... scones and clotted cream not required but highly encouraged.

    The silver teapot

    24. A single jar pendant light to hang above your sink or over your island that will have you seeing your kitchen in a whole new, well, light.

    The pendant light hangs in a reviewer's kitchen

    25. An adjustable flatware and kitchen utensil organizer that once you own, you'll never know how you lived without it. The yanking to open and slamming to close? Yeah, that's done now.

    a user submitted photo of the drawer organizer

    26. A four-piece canister set in a vibrant pattern that'll add some extra charm to your everyday coffee or tea routine. Yes, you're now the kind of person who uses sugar cubes.

    the four cannisters on a countertop

    27. A roll-up dish-drying rack — it allows the water to drip right back into your sink which makes literally SO MUCH SENSE. When you're done, just roll it right back up and store it in a cabinet!

    A user submitted photo of the drying rack

    28. A six-piece stainless steel measuring spoon set that's actually genius — each spoon is double sided so A) you get double the measuring spoons and B) you never have to try and jam a round spoon into a narrow spice jar ever again.

    the measuring spoons

    29. A set of three cutting boards to show you're a cut above the rest — not only are these durable and practical, but they're also great for making fancy charcuterie boards! Win-win!

    the three boards stacked

    30. A kitchen island with a butcher's block, because how many times did you sit there watching HGTV just wishing for a island? It's time to make it happen — and you won't even need a demo day.

    a reviewer photo of the rolling cart pictured in gray

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