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Tell Us About How Your Proposal Plan Went Horribly Wrong

Surprises are hard — proposals are harder.

Planning surprises can be difficult, especially a surprise as big as a proposal! People plan for days, months, or years ahead of time, but when the time finally comes just about anything can happen...

The good news is you'll get a great story to tell whether your proposal goes according to plan or not!

So we want to know what you, or your partner, had planned for the proposal and how it actually went down.

Maybe you had a proposal planned in just the right spot, but someone else beat you to the punch à la Jim and Andy from The Office.

Or maybe you planned a super-romantic proposal over breakfast only to have your fiancé-to-be literally swallow the ring.

I tried proposing to my girlfriend this morning with a very expensive ring in a wine glass. She drank everything including the ring.

Twitter: @Irunnia_

Perhaps you asked a photographer to capture your special moment only to have a concerned stranger ruin the surprise by warning you that someone was behind a tree taking photos of you and your partner.

Or perhaps your partner planned a hike with a proposal at the end of the trail, but you complained the whole way up, they got injured, and neither of you brought a first aid kit.

Tell us about all the ways your proposal plan went wrong and your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!