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    22 Tweets About "Cruella" That Prove Disney Is Really Doing The Most

    Twitter had a lot to say after learning why Cruella hates Dalmatians...

    Last week, Disney's highly anticipated Cruella opened in theaters, and it's already had some great reviews (98% on Rotten Tomatoes!) and sparked some...lively conversation.

    Disney / Via

    Emma Stone's Cruella isn't anything like the version portrayed by Glenn Close in 101 Dalmatians (1996). She's ~edgy~ and rated PG-13.

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    Fans and critics raced to Twitter to share their hot takes about this latest film in the 101 Dalmatians universe. Here are some of the best Cruella tweets:



    The fact that the Cruella movie doesn't have a sad cover version of Who Let the Dogs Out in a minor key for its trailer or for that opening death scene is just a huge missed opportunity.

    Twitter: @PhillMReich


    cruella deville’s mother being killed by dalmatians is the funniest possible origin story. like what if batman had said “i am going to wear robbers”

    Twitter: @MNateShyamalan


    this is the last thing cruella’s mom saw before she died

    Twitter: @TheirMaddesty


    I’m not going to side with Cruella but I’m also not going to pretend that 101 isn’t too many Dalmatians

    Twitter: @solomongeorgio


    "how can we make it seem like Cruella isn't a future dog abuser?" Disney: "idk give her a pet dog" "but that doesn't make sen-" Disney: "give her 2 dogs"

    Twitter: @Saberspark


    Between “there was no plan for the Star Wars sequel trilogy” and “Cruella’s tragic backstory is that dalmatians killed her mom” I hope every indie creator who has ever experienced self-doubt over their storytelling skills and/or professional competency is feeling very reassured.

    Twitter: @roseberrycomix


    cruella is DARK like look what they did to her dad

    Twitter: @luulubuu


    @cruella Mom come pick me up, they’re girlbossing the dog killer

    Twitter: @ratlordmagic


    This is the biggest Joker moment of them all...

    Twitter: @lmpressiveCock


    no thoughts just emma thompson’s serve in cruella

    Twitter: @THEFAVOURITE_


    Twitter: @mikey_almeida


    Y’all im still not over that trash dress in Cruella like give that the Oscar

    Twitter: @MacDoesIt


    Cruella is what you get when a longform improv group gets the phrase "The Joker Wears Prada"

    Twitter: @tonytula


    I just know James Corden was watching Artie in Cruella and saying “that should have been me”

    Twitter: @heyjaeee


    cruella (2021)

    Twitter: @towelsection


    I, too, had a very very normal and extremely heterosexual childhood that was entirely constructed around Cruella DeVil.

    Twitter: @MarkHarrisNYC


    #Cruella out of context spoilers.

    Twitter: @paperssil


    inclusivity win! dog that pushed cruella's mother off cliff was nonbinary

    Twitter: @brightmyth


    I’ve thought about it and this was the most iconic scene in Cruella:

    Twitter: @bouffantbecky


    how dare you ask "what is the point of the cruella movie" or "who is this for," you fucking rube. you worm. the computer said it would make money. you are nothing

    Twitter: @guaph


    Cruella is actually killing Dalmatians because she's trying to make the full set of Dalmatian armor, but she needs a Dalmatian Gem to complete it and the gem won't drop no matter how many she kills.

    Twitter: @Geeky_dino


    For $30 the Cruella movie had better be a masterclass on making luxury cloaks out of dogs

    Twitter: @vinn_ayy

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