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Background Actors, Tell Us Your Best Behind-The-Scenes Secrets And Stories

What's really going on behind the scenes?

A-list actors are constantly telling stories from set, but what about the background actors who also put their blood, sweat, and tears into a project?

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Background actors have always played a role in our favorite scenes. So, we want to hear about the filmmaking process from your perspective!

Background actors circled in scenes from "Legally Blonde," "Accepted," and "Yes Man"
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Maybe you learned the hard way that just because a movie takes place in the summer, that doesn't mean it can't be shot in the dead of winter, so wardrobe dressed you in stockings and high heels for a 12-hour shoot while they wore parkas on set.

Person covered in ice in the show
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Maybe you were on set and overheard the lead actor throwing a tantrum because crafty didn't stock up on their favorite snack.

Eugene Levy saying "nothing to see here, people"
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Or maybe you have some insider gossip about how slow some days on set are, like if you spent nine hours shooting a 30-second scene because the director kept taking long personal calls between shots.

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Perhaps you were a background actor for a restaurant scene and felt uncomfortable eating and drinking in complete silence because no noise would be added until post-production.

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Or perhaps you befriended the lead actor, snuck a selfie, posted it, and got in trouble for breaking your confidentiality agreement!

Kris Jenner taking a selfie with Kim Kardashian
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Feel free to send us fun pictures from the job!

We want to hear about your secrets and stories as a background actor on set! Comment below and your story could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.