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404 Whores And Friends

The story of our lives 2016-2017

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  1. Did you abroad?

    OF COURSE! I miss London everyday!
    The Ireland people and I...
    YASSS! I still need to find time to post all my insta quality pics!
    Yes. Spring17. London. #IPromisedIWouldNotPostCheesyCaptions #oops
    You went abroad? Tell me more...
  2. Plans post graduation

    Medical School
    Exploring my options
    Making Millions
    Working in a noble profession with a work/life balance and benefits
    Graduating? No! I'm sticking around for grad school
  3. If all else fails in ten years I'll be happy if:

    I am a typical suburban mom
    I am still living with my best friend
    My best friend and I are living together on a ranch
    I am taking care of sick babies
    I am making millions selling unique art or traveling with my NatGeo photographer friends
  4. The best gift you could get me would be:

    A night of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep
    A scratch off map
  5. It's been three years now, so what's your type?

    Average height, dark hair, but it depends... kind of
    shorter and a little awkward but nice
    I'm still figuring it out
    Older Outdoorsy Hipsters
  6. Boy situation

    I found love at first sight!
    All my guys friends are in love with me.
    Boys? lol. It took me a year to ditch the last one.
    I like boys. I like kissing boys. Yeah.
  7. High School Superlative

    Triple threat: Athletic, Academic, Artistic
    Most likely to be on the cover of TIME
    Most likely to join the peace corps
    Most likely to be a corporate #GirlBoss
    Most likely to be a hit man/woman
  8. What time do you go to bed?

    10pm. I go to bed at the same time everyday.
    After I finish my lab report.
    Around midnight. It depends on the day
    I try to go to bed at a reasonable hour but it depends
  9. At the party you can be found:

    Dancing to your own beat (wildly flailing arm movements are encouraged)
    Doing a lap to see what friends are here
    Preparing an escape strategy
    Party? What party? I'm studying
    Targeting a new boy
  10. Quote

    I may not be the smartest, but I'm not dumb enough to go into engineering
    I swear I'll wash the futon cover
    Can you tell me which glasses I should get?!?!
    I'm drunk and I'm sad
    Who knew I'd meet more British people in New York than in London
  11. Favorite Part of Junior Year

    Making new friends (and or course coming home to the real homies)
    London. Just all of it.
    Biking on the open road
    Tailgating or ACCs... depends who's asking
    Getting my dream internship

404 Whores And Friends

You got: Alison Lindsay Snakard

A new year. A new you. Being a D1 athlete was no longer enough now you travel the world hitting balls and taking names. You go girl. When you are not running, lifting, swinging, or studying you like to wind down (or up depending on your perspective) with a feast of frosting and caramel sauce or indulge in some vodka liquor drinks. Turning 21 was a big deal opening up new venues for evening activities, but you don't like to overdo it and spread out these after hours activities to at most a Thursday and Saturday adventure - gotta leave time to recover and make gains. Party on girl you deserve it!

Alison Lindsay Snakard
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You got: Elizabeth Marie Anteau

MCAT.COFFEE.LONDON.COFFEE.MEDSCHOOL.COFFEE.BOYS.COFFEE. When you are not boosting your caffeine tolerance to inhuman levels you can be found locked away studying or infiltrating a new friend group. You might also just pass out it. It happens. IT'S FINE. But get some rest and take care of yourself to prevent these situations of insane exhaustion. We love you and want you to survive the next 8+ years of schooling so you can be a kicka** doctor and take care of us for a change. Take some time to treat your self and stalk some quality bulldog insta pics.

Elizabeth Marie Anteau
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You got: Angela Ashok Patel

#Artsy #Hipster #Classic #London #Culture #Bae When not studying for MCAT/Physics/Biochem/That other thing you reboot by crafting works of art for Instagram/St. Luke's/Boys who are in love with you. This year has been a great one for you finding love at first sight, not being subjected to sporting events you don't really get but still want to socialize at, and deciding to take a gap year to #TreatYoSelf, but seriously you deserve to take sometime and have fun. You do you girl you're killin' it.

Angela Ashok Patel
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You got: Katherine Leigh Lundquist

In addition to your own name you also can be found responding to "mom" or tending to the drunkest of your friends at the party. Funny story though, you won't remember any of this the next day since you have a tendency to "accidentally" get black out drunk every once in a while. While your high school superlative may have indicated you would go on to do big things your college superlative reveals the truth "most likely to be drunk at a future child's sporting event" What can you say? You have had a better relationship with wine over the past four years than any boy that came along. Try to tone it down a bit if you want to maintain your status as the mom of the group. You do you girl but keep your shit together.

Katherine Leigh Lundquist
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You got: Colleen Gayle Coen

I am a fin-ance goddess. I am awesome. Everyone wishes they were as cool as me. My dance moves put your dance moves to shame. I'm working at The Goldman Sacs this summer and am going to make more money in my sleep than you do in a year. Yeah. But seriously, I really just want cats to play with and my comfy sweat pants to chill in as I eat pints of Ben and Jerry's and sit back knowing everyone thinks I don't do normal people things. Jokes on you. I do normal people things better than you do. I can eat a pint of ice cream in less than 5 minutes. You go girl!

Colleen Gayle Coen
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