Calling All "Tiger King" And "Game Of Thrones" Fans – You're Going To Want To See This

    🚨Spoilers🚨 I had a Game of Thrones sized hole in my heart, and Tiger King filled it.

    Ok... just hear me out on this.

    1. First of all, Joe Exotic literally sits on a throne

    2. Carole Baskin is basically Cersei Lannister

    3. There are SO MANY storylines to keep up with

    4. Some characters have stripes of their own

    5. (Alleged) Murder

    6. Missing appendages

    7. Animals that could 100% eat you

    8. But also baby animals that are super adorable

    9. And lastly, the ending left something to be desired

    Well, those are all the similarities between Tiger King and Game of Thrones that we found. Did you notice any more? Let us know in the comments!