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People Got Professional Photos With Their Pets And It Was Too Dang Cute

"He's 100% my son. I never saw the resemblance before, but now it's pretty clear."

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Lots of people get ~professional~ photos taken of their kids...but what if your pet is basically your child? Well, we wanted to give a few pet owners their time to shine, so we set up their very own professional photo shoot:

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About six months after adopting her, Ella was hit by a car. Bry was faced with the choice of either putting Ella down, or doing an extensive reconstructive surgery. Even though the road to recovery would be long, Bry couldn't imagine parting with her new best friend and opted for the surgery.


Next up was Stu and his pet parrot, Chiku. Chiku is a talking African Grey parrot who just turned 12. Stu got her when she was about three months old, and has been his, “longest relationship.”

Adopting Chiku sparked Stu's passion for parrot conservation and he now adamantly encourages people to adopt parrots who need homes. Stu even started doing pro-bono legal work for two parrot conservation organizations: Echo | Parrots and People and The Ara Project.


Becca previously owned one other cat, Blossom, who lived to be 21-years-old and passed away this past August. Becca says she was so heartbroken, she thought she would NEVER get another cat again. But in the end, she couldn't resist Melvin's cuteness.