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10 Holiday Looks That Are So Beyond Red And Green

You'll be the most fashionable caroler on the block!

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1. This geometric print:

Ryan McVay / Thinkstock, Kate Spade Saturday

Geometric patterns are playful but chill enough for any work party. Get this dress here.

2. This metallic mini:

GYRO PHOTOGRAPHY / amanaimagesRF / Thinkstoc, Kate Spade Saturday

The structured fabric balances the length and reads as very sophisticated. Pair with your favorite silk shirt! Get this skirt here.

3. This graphic top:

Digital Vision. / Thinkstock, Kate Spade Saturday

Dress up jeans with an eye-catching top. Metallics are an easy way to elevate the rest of your look. Get this top here.

4. This bright A-line:

Purestock / Thinkstock, Kate Spade Saturday

The traditional silhouette balances the bright, bright color. Get it here.

5. This edgy LBD:

Max Oppenheim / Thinkstock, Kate Spade Saturday

A geometric cut and print keeps you looking modern, but totally family appropriate. Get the dress here.

6. This pleated tea-length dress:

Ulrik Tofte / Thinkstock, Kate Spade Saturday

Tea-length = timeless. And shiny-as-a-disco-ball? You're bringing the holiday cheer. Get this here.

7. This eye-catching cape top:

Image Source White / Thinkstock, Kate Spade Saturday

This loose-fitted piece is bold without trying too hard, giving it an easygoing vibe that's ideal for wearing straight to a holiday party after work. Get the cape top here.

8. This effortless color blocking:

Jupiterimages / Thinkstock, Kate Spade Saturday

Color blocking is an easy-as-pie way to look polished but casual — perfect for making a good impression on your boyfriend's fam. Get this dress here.

9. This jewel-toned V-neck:

Shutterstock, Kate Spade Saturday

Pops of pink don’t need to be reserved for spring. Paired with denim (or the metallic mini), this top makes a cool, offbeat addition to your holiday wardrobe. Get it here.

10. And this plaid cape:

windjunkie / Thinkstock, Kate Spade Saturday

It's *made* for caroling! Get it here.