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7 NYC Girl Bosses Tell Us What's Always In Their Bags

Every super-successful career woman knows the key to success is being prepared for anything! See what seven real NYC girl bosses always have in their bags — and shop the video below and kate spade new york for everything a girl boss needs.

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1. Nadine, music publicist:

ABC / Via

One of her essentials? Blush oil. "This makes me look like I was in the sun or have a crush on someone and am blushing."

Also in her bag:

* Roll-on perfume

* Laptop in a faux book cover case

* Wireless phone charger

* Bobby pins on a hair tie

* Vitamin D

4. Lauren, operations manager for a jewelry designer:

Warner Bros. / Via

Something surprising in her bag? Jewelry from work. "I sometimes will walk around with $100,000 of jewelry, platinum, gemstones in there, and no one is the wiser! Well, now you are. But still..."

Also in her bag:

* Laptop and charger

* Portable hard drive

* A makeup bag (with cats all over it)

* Cocoa butter

* $3 heart-shaped sunglasses

5. Lauren, senior account executive at a PR firm:

20th Century Fox / Via

One of her essentials? Keys with fuzzy keychain. "Easier to find!"

Also in her bag:

* Card case

* Lip stain

* Portable brush and travel-size dry shampoo

* A breakfast bar (always!)

* Wallet (with fam photos, of course!)

6. Kindra, creative director:

AMC / Via

Something surprising in her bag? A naughty/nice coin. "Flip for fun!"

Also in her bag:

* A little pouch filled with emergency essentials like hot-pink liquid lipstick, concealer, gum, safety pins, bobby pins, and hair ties

* E-reader

* Rainbow tie-dye mini hand fan

* Leopard-print mini umbrella

* Loose glitter (accidental)

7. Hayley, assistant to CEO of a television production company

20th Century Fox / Via

One of her essentials? A script for reading in those spare moments

Also in her bag?

* Big headphones

* Tinted moisturizer

* A pen from her fave brunch spot

* A journal

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