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16 Reasons Bob From Stranger Things 2 Was Too Pure For This World And We SHOULD HAVE PROTECTED HIM

SPOILERS #Justice4Bob

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After finishing Stranger Things 2 I have a LOT of emotions to process and I can''t do it without talking about everything that happened to one beautiful and precious man called Bob. Pretty sure the title of this post is already a spoiler so maybe it's too late for you. JUST LIKE IT'S TOO LATE FOR BOB 😭

2. There once was a man called Bob.

He lived in a small town called Hawkins and worked in the radio shack. Because he wanted people to have reliable electronic equipment so that they could LIVE THEIR BEST LIVES.

4. Bob fell in love with Joyce. He even said she was worth being bullied for!

There were probably a lot of rumours about her being crazy, but did he comment on her obsession with Christmas lights and smashing phones? No! Instead he had steamy make-out sessions with her in the supply closet. BECAUSE HE'S A GENTLEMAN.

5. When he heard Will was sick he brought over some puzzles.

Because Bob was basically the adult version of the AV club kids. Remember when he gave Will that great pep talk about standing up to bullies? He would have been such a wonderful father 😭 **emotional breakdown**

6. After seeing all the tunnel drawings, Bob tried to help solve the mystery.

Did he point out that Will's artistic style was very repetitive? Once again, no! He took the situation very seriously (even though it made NO SENSE) and actually figured out what the drawings meant with zero context or clues.

8. Remember when he refused to be embarrassed about his taste in music?

Imagine how happy he would have been to see Kenny's new album Water & Bridges make it to the Billboard Country Album charts Top 5 in 2006. But now he'll never know.

11. Bob helped save Hopper just because Joyce told him so. And then accepted he had been lied to without any complaint.

He never blamed Joyce for hiding the truth. In fact, he still wanted the whole family to move to Maine together! In my heart, Bob will always be in Maine. 💔

12. OMG, remember how sassy he was when Hopper asked if he could learn computer code in about 30 seconds?

"Should I teach you French too, Jim?" That might not be the exact quote but DAMN! Ain't no sass like Bob sass.

13. Then this awesome, kind-hearted nerd went off by himself to reboot the system. This man with no fighting or weapons expertise AT ALL.

And he told Hopper to get everyone out and not wait for him! Have more noble words ever been spoken? Still kind of mad that Jim didn't go with him.

14. I can't even look at this GIF because it makes my heart want to punch itself in the face. Literally, my eyes are closed right now.

But, guys! 😭😭 He was just running through the corridors and we thought for sure the Demidog would get him. 😭😭 Then he made it through the doors and saw Joyce and it looked like everything would be okay! 💔💔 BUT THEN MORE DEMIDOGS CAME THROUGH AND STARTED EATING HIM! 😭😭 And Jim tried to shoot but there were too many and they just left. 💔💔💔 And the camera panned out to show all the beasts tearing into Bob, like, WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT TO US?? 😭😭

16. Anyone else an emotional shell of their former self?

I can't. I just can't. Bob deserved so much more than being some kind of symbolic sacrifice so that none of the other main characters had to die. He deserved better, and we didn't deserve him. He was the best of men. I guess, we'll always have Maine. 💔

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