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14 Things You Need To Know About #SMLONDON

Last week I attended a social media conference, so what better way to tell you all about it than through a BuzzFeed number list. #howverysocialmedia

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1. There was one good thing that came from the US Elections

Could there have been a more perfect ice-breaker for networking on the day of the election results "Oh hi, I work for Mr. President" *leave pause for reaction* aaaaand i'm in.

2. Make it a THUMB STOPPER

James Tozer, the Editorial Data Analyst from The Economist talked to us about the struggle they have had with social posts.

Headlines for the paper or the website don't grab people's attention on Facebook. Emotional connection or passion for a story must come second when thinking up the header on a FB link post.

It really needs to give you the essential details, as clearly as possible.

For a social copywriter that can feel boring, but it does the job and stops that thumb!

Other things James mentioned:

Their posts about STRESS perform best

Make links OBVIOUS - don't try and hide them within your copy

Repost timeless posts, new audiences may not have seen

3. Money goes to the best performers

The Economist's spend strategy: add money to posts already performing well. Simple.

4. 2016 - The year of The Influencer

Victoria Luck from Buzzoole spoke about how brands have finally realised the importance of influencer marketing, and that 'non-celebs' with a genuine interest in the product are going to be far more beneficial for the long game and building a lasting audience.

92% of consumers have made a purchase after reading about a product on their favourite blog

65% are more likely to make a purchase if someone they follow on social media recommends a product

81% of marketers who have executed influencer marketing campaigns agree that it is effective

65% of brands have plans to spend more on IM this year vs. last

5. 2016 (was also) The year of AdBlocker

With a £40billion cost to the industry. Making online advertising very difficult. Even more of a reason to use influencer marketing.

6. There is no 'one size fits all' on social

It's very out of date, according to Chris Harris the Social Marketing Manager at Arsenal, to post out things broadly and hope that it resonates with enough people.

It's all about delving a little further. Differing content and joining conversations with different fans, this could lead nicely to user generated content too!

7. Get a hobby!

Adam Libonatti-Roche, Head of Social at The Drum, spoke about the 'creative burn' when you just can't come up with an idea on the spot due to a bit of a block.

He said, in these times remove the pressure of being so reactive "you don't always have to be in real time."

His advice, get a side project - at which point he asked the audience for a show of hands for anyone who partakes in a hobby in their spare time. I put up my hand, then there was a mic in my face - so Kate Bakes got a shout out.

8. Get some headspace

Or actually get the app Headspace

9. Twitter put simply

According to Lucy McHendry from Twitter, the platform is for two things:

1.What is happening in THE world

2. What is happening in YOUR world

10. 93% of Twitter videos are watched on mobile

Some other points from Lucy:

Twitter is the place you go to discover, open minded - YouTube, you know what you're looking for.

Videos are 6x more likely to be shared than photos


82% of internet traffic will be video by 2019

11. "Social Analysts are the unicorns of marketing"

Microsoft's Social Media Analyst, Ben Donker talked about the importance of data and that social media analysts are decision influencers, not decision makers and are essential to any social team.

12. "Millennials don't exist"

According to Brenda Wong, the Social Media and Community Manager at Debut, there are no such thing as millennials.

Brenda talked about everyone being individuals and that brands shouldn't target a group of people so broadly.

13. We are all influencers

All of us. Not just on social but in day to day life...

Person 1: "OMG are you watching Westworld??"

Person 2: "No? But I will start tonight!"

Person 2 has been influenced.

(The simplest of examples there).

Jules Lund, founder of TRIBE gave a brilliant talk about the power of influence, stating it began with Adam and Eve, when Eve said "you've got to try this apple, it's amazeballs."

14. #therewasfreepizza

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