A Mom Turned A Picture Of Her Daughter Hungover Into An Epic Birthday Cake

    When her mom said she was turning the photo into a cake, she thought she meant, like, printed on it or something...

    Abbi Price, a teenager from Coventry, UK, turned 18 last week.

    And her mom Sharon got her the most amazing birthday cake.

    Price told BuzzFeed News that the toilet cake was based on this photo of her after "a small gathering with family and friends."

    "My mom took the photo and has been saying ever since it would be on my 18th birthday cake," Price said.

    Price said she thought the photo would be printed on the cake, but found the actual cake "so different and original."

    Price said she did not expect her tweet to get shared so widely.

    "I tweeted it at night and expected to wake up to about 20 likes but woke up to 20,000," she said.

    Oh, and in case you were wondering, it was a vanilla sponge cake, and Price said it tasted amazing.