A Toad Kept Visiting This Guy's Porch So He Made It Some Hats And It Made People Very Happy

    "It never seemed to mind the hats. I would just place them on its head, and it would just sit there," Chris Newsome told BuzzFeed News.

    This is Mr. Toad.

    Here he is with a hat.

    Mr. Toad hung out on the front porch of Chris Newsome, a 43-year-old from Alabama, every day this past summer. So Newsome decided to make him some hats.

    Newsome told BuzzFeed News he started making the hats to cheer up a friend's son who had lost his own pet toad "because all kids would laugh at a toad with a hat."

    Newsome started with the pink hat and then topped it off with a feather and a monocle for a dapper look.

    The hats are all made out of foam paper and take no more than 10 minutes to make.

    "The toad never seemed to mind the hats," he said. "I would just place them on its head and it would just sit there."

    Newsome said that the hats are kind of rough up close because their original intent was to make a child laugh. He added that he should try to make some finer-detailed hats "just in case my hat-making skills are needed in the future."

    Here is a hat on Newsome's dog Daisy for scale.

    Newsome posted the photos of Mr. Toad with his creations on Reddit, where it gained more than 1.1 million views.

    The toad in the hat brought people a lot of joy.

    "Hopefully, the toad will return this season, and I'll make sure to make some new hats," Newsome said.