13 Questions I Have After Watching The "Snowfall" Season 5 Premiere

    It's about to go down!

    Snowfall is back!

    1. Where the heck did Franklin’s baby mama come from?

    2. Is Skully going to get it back in blood?

    3. Is Wanda staying clean this whole season?

    4. Is Louie snitching this season?

    5. Does Peaches have the package?

    6. Do we trust Franklin's baby mama?

    7. Are we going to see a Melody appearance?

    8. Is Gustavo ever going to go find Lucia?

    9. What does Avi got up his sleeve?

    10. Is Alton Dead?

    11. Why is Cissy still in Cuba, and is she ok?

    12. Who is the woman acting as Cissy on the phone?

    13. Is Franklin ever going to leave the game?

    Any moments I missed? Or did I nail it? Comment your thoughts, or I'm inclined to believe you are a hater.