The Best Worst Local TV Ads From Your Youth

Relive the golden days of bad acting and great deals.

Rob Kleine / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: rkleine

2. Food Emporium (New York)

“Someone made a store just for meeeee.”

3. Gino’s Restaurant (New York)

“Come on ova for dinna!”

4. Q-Zar (New Jersey)

(pew pew pew) “It’s cool as ice, man.”

5. Jordan’s Furniture (Massachussetts)

“Sometimes it all just comes together…comfortably.”

6. Robbins Diamonds (Delaware)

“Rocks, rocks, rocks!”

7. Sullivan Tire (Massachussetts, New Hampshire, and Maine)

“Like you Dustin, we at Sullivan Tiyah, we know training is important.”

8. Crazy Eddie’s (New York)

“Hold the mistletoe!”

9. Fuccillo Autoplex (New York)


10. Century III Chevrolet (Pennsylvania)

“We’re getting down to business.”

11. Crazy Bruce’s Liquors (Connecticut)

(chk chk chk chk chk chk chk)

12. Bob’s Discount Furniture (New England)

“How can such an ordinary man do such extraordinary things?”

Martin LeBar / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: martinlabar

14. Easterns Motors (Washington, D.C.)

“Are you listening, man?”

15. Gallery Furniture (Georgia)

“And hey, ask for the Wolfman.”

16. Matthew Lesko (Washington, D.C.)

“Fifteen-thousand dollars to WRITE A NOVEEEEEL.”

17. Family Auto Mart (Florida)


Chris Machielse / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ripismoney

19. Eagleman (Illinois)

“I’ve got something for you.”

20. Peter Francis Geraci (Illinois and Indiana)

Call now for his ((info))((tapes)).

21. Tom Raper (Ohio and Indiana)

“You’ll love the deals that you made where the roses don’t fade.”

22. LUNA Carpet (Illinois)

“(Beep bop boop bop) Lunaaaaa.”

23. Victory Auto Wreckers (Illinois)

For when you pull your door off your car.

24. Mr. Alan’s (Michigan)

$29 or 2 for $50!

25. The I-X Indoor Amusement Park (Ohio)

“So cool, so fun.”

26. Mister Spots (Ohio)


27. Bob Rohrman (Illinois and Indiana)

“There’s only one Bob ROHRman!”

Nate Merrill / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 49287570@N06

29. eegee’s (Arizona)

Can I have a side of saxophone solo?

30. Discount Tire Co (Arizona)

If you’re ever not satisfied with your tires, commit vandalism.

31. Gallery Furniture (Texas)

How about a friendly tussle with Chuck Norris?

32. Betty Blackwell (Texas)

“Oh, you do know Betty Blackwell?”

Doug Kerr / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: dougtone

34. Dealin’ Doug (Denver)

It’s Super Doug!

Amit Patel / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: amitp

36. Sea Galley (Washington)

“We’ve got crab legs!”

37. Glen Grant Chevrolet (Washington)

“Have I got a deal for you.”

38. Crazy Gideon’s (California)

“If you don’t buy from Crazy Gideon, you have a problem with your head!”

39. The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker (California)

“We are attorneys.”

40. Adee Plumbing and Heating (California)

“Who knows what danger lurks in your plumbing?

41. Cal Worthington (California)

“Here’s Cal Worthington and his dog, Spot!”

42. The Diamond Center (California)

♬ “I’m a pretty man.” ♬

Michael Doughtery / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: md888

44. Louie the Lightning Bug (Nationwide)

“You gotta play it safe around the power lines!”

45. Sears (Nationwide)

“You’ll call now.” “I’ll call now.”

46. ITT Technical Institute (Nationwide)

“‘Cause you can’t get the jobs of tomorrow (dramatic sound) until you get the skills of today.”

47. Milford Plaza Hotel (Nationwide)

The lullaBUY of Broadway.

48. Empire (Nationwide)


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