The 29 Best Dog Squishes


1. This tonguey taco.

2. This husky handful.

3. This calm crumpet.

4. This scrunched scrumpet.

5. This winky widget.

6. This licky lollicopter.

7. This blue-eyed bonnet.

8. This grinning goof.

9. This comfy couple.

10. This mushy muppet.

11. This happy hooligan.

12. This pudgy pumpkin.

13. This blinking bumpkin.

14. This serene snugglemonster.

15. This squashy squire.

16. This wrinkly woogie.

17. This fuzzy fellow.

18. This glorious gumdrop.

19. This pappy puppy.

20. This doughy duo.

21. This toothy teddy.

22. This baby bun.

23. This pliable puddle.

24. This cushy cupcake.

25. This woeful winky-dink.

26. This nonchalant nugget.

27. This bearded button.

28. This grumpy grumbler.

29. And this nosy noodle.

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