23 Animals That Look Like Donuts

Cute enough to nibble on (though it’s not advisable).

1. Chocolate donuts

2. Bashful donut

3. Scruffy donut

4. Fuzzy éclair

5. Gravity-defying donut

Mats Lindh / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: fiskfisk

6. Plop-down-anywhere donut

Would rather be at home curled up... #LazyFox urf...

— Kiit Lock (@KiitLock)

7. Skeptical donut


8. Freckled donut

9. Prickly donut

10. Wild donut

Arctic Fox, curled up against a rock, in Manitoba, Canada!

— Suzanne Lepage (@SuzanneLepage1)

11. Baby donut

Baby squirrel curled up

— Cute Animals (@CuteAnimal_Pics)

12. Need-a-face-mask donut

fauxto_digit / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: fauxto_dkp

13. Scrunched donut

14. Rolly donut hole

15. Had-a-long-day donut

16. So-close-to-a-perfect-ball donut

17. Cuddly donut

18. Five-more-minutes donut

19. Direwolf donut

20. Sea salt with a swirl of caramel donut

21. Love donut

22. Lap donut

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