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12 Differences Between Growing Up Now Vs. The 2000s

It was just more difficult being a kid in the 2000s.

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1. A school trip today:

A school trip back then:

2. How you plan your evening now:


How you planned your evening back then: claeuschen

3. How kids choose music today:

How we chose music back then:

4. What drives kids crazy today:


What drove us crazy back then:

5. Socializing online today:

Socializing online back then:

6. How kids get the internet today:

How we got the internet back then:

7. What kids today use their phones for:

When my little brother used snapchat filter 😂😂😂😂

What we used our phones for back then:

8. A waste of time now:

Angry Birds

A waste of time back then:

9. Celebrities now: People holding products in front of cameras.

Celebrities then: World famous musicians.


10. What kids today can't live without on long trips:

What we couldn't live without on long trips back then:

11. What kids go to the mall for today:

Instagram: @emmanjk

What we went to the mall for back then:

Jochen Zick / picture alliance / Keystone

12. What kids today do when they're told to go outside and entertain themselves:

Instagram: @jo_jo_152

What we did when we were told to go outside and entertain ourselves back then:

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