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    17 Things You'll Only Get If You Like A Glass Of Wine Now And Then

    I love cooking with wine! Sometimes I even add it to the food!

    1. You skillfully take advantage of modern fashion trends.

    2. You love to improve a recipe by adding a little wine. (And you know, also improve the chef.)

    3. You don't worry about how many calories there are in a glass of wine. You wouldn't count the calories in a handful or grapes, would you? So why bother once they've been liquified?

    4. You're always there for your friends after a hard break-up. Well, you and sauvignon blanc.

    5. And of course your colleagues after a long, hard day too.

    6. Your fridge only contains essential dietary staples.

    7. You decorate your apartment with pieces that are both stylish and practical.

    8. And your home bar isn't just cheaper than the bar on the corner, but it's better stocked.

    9. You like to celebrate even the smallest successes.

    10. Of course, you'd never take a great sacrifice for granted.

    11. You're the easiest person in the world to shop for.

    12. 90% of your daily vocabulary is "Just one more glass."

    13. You judge a party (and its hosts) by the alcohol being offered.

    14. Nothing is more devastating than senseless acts of waste.

    15. But despite that, you sometimes might get a little too excited when you're cracking into a new bottle.

    16. Then again, those are the moments that really bring out your creativity.

    17. And if anyone tells you they can outdrink you, you take it as an insult. You've been training for this for years.