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22 Reasons To Never, Ever Adopt A Bulldog

Worst. Dog breed. Ever.

1. Bulldogs always look so ferocious.

dscz20 / Via

2. Pretty them up with flowers all you want, but you can't hide that ferocity.

3. Ever show a bulldog a horror movie? They don't even flinch.

space_angel / Via

4. And they're so heinous. They must be the least photogenic dog breed out there.

LettuceC / Via

5. They don't even look cute sleeping! Just dangerous.

Backeep / Via

6. Nor as puppies. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near this deathtrap.

Ac1224 / Via

7. Who would want to cuddle a bulldog?

Yorkthebully / Via Instagram: @yorkthebully

8. They hate car trips...

treerex / Via

9. ...and being anywhere outside the confines of their cold, dark cages.

pacman_johns / Via

10. And you'd certainly never want to invite one to be your best man. Keep them as far away from your wedding as possible.

SamElliottsVoice / Via

11. If you want an obedient dog, keep looking. A bulldog will never listen to you when you tell it to "sit."

bellamira / Via

12. Have you ever seen a bulldog in a good mood? Me neither.

justinve / Via

13. I have no idea why people like having bulldogs. I mean, they are not handsome or aesthetically pleasing in any way.

S4area51 / Via

14. They're also uncaring parents. Just see for yourself...

oscar322989 / Via

15. They make terrible work dogs. No service abilities whatsoever.

pat14fishing / Via

16. And they're way too high-energy.

yumyummm111 / Via

17. There's just no way to give them any personality.

18. Not even in a princess dress.

mike3run / Via

19. We are convinced: Bulldogs are monsters.

Manholt / Via

20. Uncontrollable, high-energy, ferocious beasts that cannot be contained.

21. Never get a bulldog.

virtual_boy / Via

22. You'll regret it for the rest of your life.

ironfitz / Via

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