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    26 Photos People Born After 1998 Just Won't Recognize

    "Whaaat?!" —every child alive right now

    1. Kids today will have no understanding of what these cryptic stickers were used for:

    2. And they'll certainly have no idea what is happening here:

    3. They'll never know the work that this search engine took:

    4. Or looking stuff up in this old version of Wikipedia:

    5. And they'll certainly have no idea what these cards were used for:

    6. It's a mystery why anyone would blow on this thing:

    7. And they won't understand why this is a such a disaster...

    8. ...and how this is the only way to fix it.

    9. Kids today will never understand why we spent hours watching this house:

    10. And this image isn't absolutely horrifying to them...

    11. they won't know that awful feeling when the player shows "No Disc".

    12. Or what this is.

    13. They won't know that we were all once true composers on our Nokia phones:

    14. Smartphones have kept the kids of today from this cable horror:

    15. Or how much we had to fumble to get the batteries out of our Gameboys:

    16. And they'll definitely never understand why this image is really, really bad:

    17. It's a mystery what this accessory is used for:

    18. And they won't know how to cope with this thing, because there's no touch screen:

    19. Or what we stored in these little jars:

    20. They'll never know how important these CDs were for developing our music tastes:

    21. They have no idea how loud these things are and how good they smell:

    22. ...or why we spent hours (or days) staring at this.

    23. They will not understand what this app does:

    24. Or the feeling when you can't settle on the right deck of cards:

    25. They will never understand how a piece of tape can save your fondest recorded memories:

    26. And kids today will never understand how stressful this was: