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    This Makeup Genius Turned Herself Into All The Sailor Scouts From "Sailor Moon" And We're Very Impressed


    If you grew up in the '90s, there's no doubt you've heard of someone named Sailor Moon.

    Maybe you even watched the series and dreamt of becoming just like one of the Sailor Scouts.

    But even though you dreamt of becoming a space warrior, your dream never became a reality. THIS GIRL'S DREAM, HOWEVER, DID.

    Regina, better known as @Picturresque on Instagram, is a professional makeup artist who decided to transform herself into not one, not two, but ALL of the Sailor Scouts.

    There's Sailor Mercury, with her characteristic blue bob.

    Sailor Mars, with those big brown eyes and red lips.

    The ever wise Sailor Jupiter, sporting a look that I NEED to try right this second.

    And Sailor Venus, in all her splendor.

    Sailor Uranus couldn't be skipped either.

    Obviously, Sailor Neptune had to make an appearance, as well.

    The Sailor of time, Sailor Pluto.

    And the lady of chaos, Sailor Saturn.

    Regina's love for Sailor Moon is so great that she even recreated Black Lady.

    And to end with the grand finale: Sailor Sun.

    Extra points: she even created another TWO looks for each Sailor, in ~relaxed~ mode.

    Anyone else looking forward to seeing a live action version with all the Scouts as created by this makeup artist?


    This post was translated from Spanish.