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    12 Beauty Trends That'll Be Everywhere In 2017

    Lip patches, holographic lipsticks, and powdered nail polish, oh my!

    1. No-blow-dry styles are going to be one of the big hairstyle trends.

    2. These metallic nails were a favorite in years past and are definitely making their way back into style in 2017.

    3. Beauty Blenders, which have become a standard, are going to be replaced by...silicone sponges!

    4. Your makeup is about to get a makeover with these holographic effects.

    From eyeshadow, lipsticks, and polish, all the way to your makeup brushes, everything is about to get a hit of rainbow metallic.

    5. Glitter lipstick is going to be a trend for the bravest of girls.

    6. Powder polish is going to be the new solution for the perfect manicure.

    7. For skin care, there's really no better solution than a charcoal mask.

    8. Dot contouring is going to become a popular new strategy for all those who LOVE contouring their faces.

    9. The key to luscious lips is going to be gel patches like these.

    10. The top knot is back, but with an interesting *twist*.

    11. New devices for increasing facial and neck circulation are going to be the newest tools to get a more youthful look.

    12. And finally, this is the year you might finally get rid of your classic set of brushes.

    This post was translated from Spanish.