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11 Things To Do With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

Instead of throwing away all the candy you have from Halloween, bring it to good use. Here are 11 resourceful tips on what you can do with the leftovers!

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2. Use it in various recipes

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You could save your leftover candy and incorporate it into various recipes throughout the year. There are so many recipes that you could incorporate candy into, be creative and have fun with it! Pinterest has tons of recipe ideas for you to look into!

3. Use it as dessert for Thanksgiving

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You don't even have to bake! Just have a bowl out with your leftover candy and have it available for the whole family. An easy solution to getting rid of your leftover Halloween candy.

4. Keep some in your purse/backpack

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Keep some of your leftover candy inside your purse or backpack to snack on whenever you're feeling a little hungry. This is perfect when you need a sugar fix.

5. Keep it for special events

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Keep the candy in storage for when you have a special event. You could use it for a baby shower, birthday party, christmas party, any kind of party! You won't need to go out and purchase candy all over again, you'll already have it at home.

6. Save it for decorating your gingerbread house

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You could save the candy for decorating a gingerbread house for the holiday season. You will have a variety of candy choices to choose from to make your gingerbread house look fantastic and tasty.

7. Bring it to work

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Bring some leftover candy to your workplace for everyone to snack on. Everyone will love you for this and it would be another thing you could snack on throughout the day if you're hungry.

8. Donate it

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One of the best things you could do with your Halloween leftovers is donate it to people who would love the special treats. Nothing is better than giving. Some organizations you could donate unopened candy to is Ronald McDonald House Charities, Operation Stars and Stripes, and Operation Gratitude. You can look up these organizations online and find out more information about them.

9. Give it to someone for their birthday

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As an extra treat for someone's special day you could give them some candy! Everyone loves candy, and it would be a cheap option for a gift. Or if your kid is having a birthday party you could stuff the candy into the piñata and that will easily get rid of all your candy!

10. Keep it for your Christmas Advent Calendar

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A fun way to countdown for Christmas is by using an Advent Calendar! Stuff the candy you have leftover from Halloween into the calendar and you will have a sweet treat waiting for you everyday until Christmas.

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