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Classy Get-Together: 4 Tips For Throwing A High-Class Dinner Party

A dinner party is an excellent way to bring friends together for food, drinks, and fun. As a young adult, it might be different from other parties you’ve thrown. Instead of being about loud music and debauchery, dinner parties are much more restrained and refined affairs. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be any fun. Here are four tips for throwing a high-class dinner party.

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Send Mail Invitations

Email and social media have made snail mail invitations a bit of a relic. If you want to emphasize class for your party, traditional invitations are the way to go. Go to a stationary shop and pick up ones that are most attractive. You should also take the time to handwrite each invitation. If you have any experience with calligraphy, use it. You want to make your guests feel special when they receive their invitations.

Try a New Recipe

You can’t have a dinner party without dinner, after all. This is a great opportunity to hone your culinary skills with a new preparation. Think about dishes that would be appropriate for the occasion. You want something refined, but also not too stuffy. You should also be aware of any food restrictions, such as allergies. Consult with each of your guests before finalizing your menu. You should also have some side dishes and appetizers that can be consumed by others.

Choose Good Wine

Even if you don’t drink, it’s still good to have wine available for a dinner party. It isn’t just a matter of choosing a bottle of wine. You need to choose one that will go right with what you’re preparing to eat. For instance, if you’re serving fish, choose a white wine. If you’re serving beef, choose a red wine. You should also be willing to splurge on a nicer bottle to make the evening all the more special. Take your time to peruse websites like HWC and other online outlets to make a good selection.

Play Games

After you’ve had dinner (and maybe a couple drinks) is the perfect opportunity for cutting loose with some games. You can play a few rounds of classic games like charades or Pictionary. You might also try a brand-new game, either one that you buy or craft yourself. When the night’s over, it will have hopefully ended with some friendly competition and good laughs.

We hope this has given you a great idea of how to throw a high-class dinner party. In order to make for the best experience possible, you should think of your guests and what they would like. Imagine if you were being invited to a dinner party. How would you like to be catered to? With this guide, you can make sure you have the best dinner party you possibly can.

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