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I Rated These 8 Unusual Pasta Dishes From "Delicious" To "Never Putting It Near My Mouth"

You're totally going to understand why #8 is in last place.

Just when you thought you've eaten your fill of pasta in the world, think again! Everyone enjoys fresh basil marinara pasta or homemade mac and cheese, but have you ever tried these surprising dishes?

1. Let’s start with...Fried Mac and Cheese Burger Buns

2. Potato Chip Pasta

3. Pasta Pizza

4. Noodle-Infused Tacos

5. Pasta Pie

a pasta pie made with pasta inside and bacon on top as a crust

6. Penne Cake

7. Pasta Sushi

8. And lastly....... this Raw Ramen & Baloney Sandwich

I won't lie. This one sounds pretty awful, and it's hard to find any redeeming traits about it. But maybe if you're a struggling kid in college, this could be a nice little treat? IDK tho....

Well, there you have it, folks!