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Fried Rice With Chicken Skewers

•Prep time: 20 min •Cook time: 25 min •Total time: 45 min

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Ingredients Skewers •Chicken (breast) 250g •Salt ¼ teaspoon •Red chili powder ½ teaspoon •Black pepper (crushed) ¼ teaspoon •Mustard paste ¼ teaspoon •Chili sauce 2 tablespoon •Chili garlic sauce 1 tablespoon •Capsicum (cut into cube) ½ cup •Tomato (cut into cube) ½ cup •Onion (cut into cube) ½ cup •Oil 4 tablespoon •Skewer as required Fried rice •Boiled rice 250 g •Boiled and shredded chicken ½ cup •Capsicum (chopped) 4 tablespoon •Sweet corn 4 tablespoon •Carrot (chopped) 4 tablespoon •Egg 2 •Oil 6 tablespoons •Salt ¼ teaspoon •Black pepper crushed ½ teaspoon Method Skewers 1.Cut the chicken into medium sized cubes and marinate it with black pepper, salt, red chili powder, mustard paste, chili sauce, chili garlic sauce for 20 minutes 2.Thread tomato, onion, capsicum and chicken into skewers 3.Shallow fry with from every side for 3-4 minutes in oil 4.Take into the paper towel to soak oil Fried rice 1.Take a pan and oil in it on medium flame. Add chicken, carrot, capsicum and sweet corns and toss it for 1 minute 2.Add salt and black pepper in it then add boiled rice and toss it for 1 min 3.Cook scrambled add and add in it the fried rice

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