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These Guys Tried Sexy Halloween Animal Makeup Tutorials

"Where's my friend Kane, that's a deer!"

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Sexy costumes are a Halloween staple. So, these guys wanted to see if their makeup skills could bring out their inner saucy! Here are the results:

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BuzzFeedYellow / Via

Zack started out overly confident by his beauty blending skills.


Kane, on the other hand, was shocked by the power of foundation:


And Kevin was determined and needed 100% focus:


Halfway through, Zack and Carl realized 2 is better than 1.


And Jeremy and Kane had a sudden makeup emergency on their hands!


While Amro relied heavily on the final touch...


And when everything was done, Zack got pretty close...

Danielle Mansutti / Via

...and so did Kane!


Carl looked cute AF.

lilmissmegsmakeup / Via

And Kevin slayed the MF jungle.

Elicia Aragon / Via

While Jeremy might of discovered his long lost twin.

kenia lizarraga / Via

And Amro got his look down... even the bow tie!

Miss Dubstep / Via

Dayummmm! Slaying the sexy game, guys!