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    We Got A Workout And Diet Plan Based On Our Genes And It Totally Worked

    No pain, no gain.

    Working out can be a pain in the ass, but it's also the absolute best way to stay healthy and in shape.

    Watch these men diet and exercise based on their individual genetics!

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    That's why Juan and his boyfriend, Kane, agreed to get their DNA tested with FitnessGenes. That way they could each get a diet plan and a workout plan based on their individual genetics.

    Ryann and Gadiel also agreed to do the testing. Ryann said he felt like weight had always been an issue in his family.

    And Gadiel said he works all day so it's hard to prepare his meals everyday.

    So they all spit into a little plastic tube to be sent out to a lab that would tell them all about their fitness DNA.

    It turned out both Ryann and Juan had a gene where they tend to overeat.

    The results also determined that Gadiel and Juan both metabolized caffeine quickly, which meant they usually end up crashing.

    And, since Kane wanted to bulk up, the test determined he needed to eat more before he worked out so he could do it effectively.

    Ryann also found out that he had a natural athletic ability. Wooo!

    At the beginning of the two-month journey, all the men started out strong. They were pumped and ready to go.

    A couple of weeks in, the guys were getting into the workouts, but that didn't mean they were getting any easier.

    Before they knew it, Kane said Juan became somewhat of a chef when it came to their new (healthier) diet.

    And Gadiel proved to be the ultimate hypeman when it came to keeping their motivation up in the gym.

    On the seventh week, they looked at their results. Juan was up first and he lost 10 pounds and a decent amount of body fat.

    For Kane, the goal was to add muscle, and he totally did.

    Gadiel was shocked to discover he had dropped 19 pounds.

    And, even though Ryann feared he hadn't done very well, he ended up losing 9 pounds!

    The guys agreed that this was a cool way to get to know their bodies better, so they could maximize the way they work out, and the things they eat.