We Learned How To Pose Like Instagram Models And Looked Damn Good Doing It

    Turns out, it's really awkward trying to walk and pose at the same time.

    A few guys from the office decided it was finally time to up their Instagram game and learn how to pose like Insta models! Watch the video below to see if they can ~werk~ it:

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    The guys started off by explaining their limited posing skills. Kane described his go-to pose as "my hand in my pocket and a cheesy smile."

    Bryan talked about his limited selfie game:

    The guys then analyzed a few popular Instagram models and noticed some similarities.

    Devy, the resident Instagram photographer, stepped in and challenged the guys to learn three popular Instagram poses.

    For Pose #1 (Casual Lean), Bryan started off on the wrong foot.

    Kane also faced challenges that you wouldn't normally consider.

    Bryan's Leaning Pose:

    Kane's Leaning Pose:

    Amro's Leaning Pose:

    Carl's Leaning Pose:

    Jeremy's Leaning Pose:

    Zack's Leaning Pose:

    For Pose #2 (Mid-Walk), Amro started to feel a true appreciation for models.

    Carl, on the other hand, just had one thing on his mind...

    Amro's Mid-Walk Pose:

    Carl's Mid-Walk Pose:

    Kane's Mid-Walk Pose:

    Bryan's Mid-Walk Pose:

    Zack's Mid-Walk Pose:

    Jeremy's Mid-Walk Pose:

    For Pose #3 (Adjusting Clothes), Kane realized how limited male models are...

    ...And Carl might have found his calling by embracing accessories:

    Kane's Adjusting Clothes Pose:

    Carl's Adjusting Clothes Pose:

    Amro's Adjusting Clothes Pose:

    Bryan's Adjusting Clothes Pose:

    Zack's Adjusting Clothes Pose:

    Jeremy's Adjusting Clothes Pose:

    In the end, whether anyone thinks they pulled the model poses off or not, the guys definitely picked up a few skills they'll never forget.


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