This Guy Dyed His Natural Red Hair Blonde For A Week To See What It Was Like

    This is what happened when a red-head decides to go blonde for a week.

    This is AJ Escobar and he's a natural redhead.

    Watch his transformation from redhead to blondie!

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    He grew up being the only one of his siblings with red hair.

    And after two decades of red hair, AJ decided it was time to try something new and a little shocking.

    Yep, that's right! He decided to dye his red hair blond for an entire week.

    The whole process took two hours, and afterward AJ saw himself as a blonde for the first time in his life.

    AJ's co-workers were shocked.

    There were also Game of Thrones references...obviously.

    But after living as a blonde for a few days, AJ said he felt like he was wearing a mask.

    Thanks to this experiment, he has no plans of going blonde permanently.