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    14 Underrated And Overrated "Teen Wolf" Characters That We Need To Talk About ASAP

    Ever feel like your characters don't get the credit they deserve? Well, you're not alone.

    Teen Wolf just had its 10th anniversary from when it first aired on MTV and stole all of our hearts. The fandom has died down a little since the finale in 2017, but still finds a way to grab binge-watchers and new fans every minute that ticks by, breaking newcomers' hearts one by one.

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    *SPOILERS* WARNING: I have no filter, so, if you haven't finished the series yet and want to shield your eyes, you may want to come back when you finish. Or read between your fingers, it's up to you.

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    I just finished binge-watching Teen Wolf myself, (aka having my heart ripped out of my chest) and when I finished I did what everyone does after finishing a soul-crushing, life-changing series: I looked up the fandom online. But I realized there wasn't enough credit given to the characters that deserved a little more respect than they got. And then there are characters that don't deserve the time of day.

    So, I came up with a list of the seven most underrated characters that need more love. But I also felt like I couldn't leave out the overrated characters that just hurt your eyes when they enter the screen, so I've included those, too.

    the most overrated characters

    1. Kate Argent

    MTV / Via Giphy

    That's how we felt about you Kate, that's how we felt about you! Okay, I get Kate was a huge part of the storyline, but how many times can you bring someone back from the dead?? When I saw her come back for like the umpteenth time, I was beyond frustrated. The only thing she was good for was raising my blood pressure, and that was the only job she was good at.

    2. Theo Raeken

    MTV / Via Tenor

    I know what you're thinking: "But Theo was homeless, living in his car, and having that horrible dream over and over again, and he practically died and came back, plus he's pretty." I know. I know all of these things, but that doesn't change the fact that he killed his sister! Hello, people?? 

    He has some seriously dark issues that should have been addressed, but instead they make him a wishy-washy manipulator that still has no idea what he really wants: to be in a pack, revenge, to just be alive? Who knows! But when you find out Theo, let us know, but for now, sit on this list and think about what you did.

    3. Natalie Martine


    Alright, I know she's Lydia's mom and she tries to do what's best for her, but who sends their daughter unwillingly to a horrible mental health hospital, especially Eichen House for that matter?? She sent her to a death trap and got mad at the people that cared about her daughter the most. Not to mention she yelled at poor Styles when he was just trying to be a good friend. I mean WTF lady?!

    4. Rafael McCall


    Yet another overrated parent that doesn't always do the best for his child. I know he tried, but all he did was come into Scott's life just enough to give him false hope that he was actually going to be there for him. However, his absence let Melissa shine as the amazing mother she is and became a mom to everyone in the group.

    5. Victoria Argent


    Parents might be a pattern here, with Allison's mother is a real ~winner~ among them. Now, I know she died and it was sad, but let's not forget she almost killed Scott after torturing him! Plus, she's wicked and her personality all over the place, landing her on my overrated list. Victoria, you should have taken a note from Melissa...I mean your husband did, js.

    6. Noshiko Yukimura


    Alright, I've decided the rest of this list is going to be parents, because we can do better, TW. I mean, you had three of the best parents on the show and still didn't give them credit until the last season, but we can forgive that. 

    However, I cannot forgive Nashika for her unnatural ways of teaching her daughter: by throwing a sword at her and then making her play the game Go, with no explanation on how it was going to help them win. Not much of a loving and caring parent, but hey you're still better than Victoria Argent, so at least you have that.

    7. Finally, Gerard Argent

    MTV / Via MTV

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have our father of the year! Worse than his daughter Kate, He. Will. Not. Die! No matter how much you poison him. Just leaving him here is enough said, because if I go on any further you will be reading a three-page paper on how much this man is hated and is one of the worst villains in teen TV history. Going too far? I think not!

    Now, let's have some fun and turn the light onto characters that were not given the props they deserve.

    MTV / Via Giphy
    the most underrated characters

    1. Coach Bobby Finstock


    Okay, I know Coach can be annoying and insensitive, but we forget about the fact that he was always there for his students when they needed him the most and didn't care that there was something supernatural about them or who they loved — he treated them all the same. And can we give him a round of applause for his last scene in S602 E20, when he beat the ever-living daylights out of a hunter with a lacrosse stick to save Jackson and Ethan?! Not to mention the countless other times he stepped up and saved the day in his own dorky, corny way.

    2. Dr. Alan Deaton

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    Deaton is overlooked throughout the series, but he always comes through when he's needed. He disappears for almost a full season and then magically comes back into the story like he never left. I would have liked to have known more about his past and also more about what he is exactly. I mean, we all know he's a Druid, but I would have liked to know a little more about his abilities. You're still a mystery, Dr. D.

    3. Isaac Lahey


    Poor, poor Isaac. Just look at those puppy dog eyes that tear into your soul. He had a tragic childhood, then never gets his chance to pursue a romance with Allison. Then he just disappears in the beginning of Season 4, like he never existed in the first place! I mean they didn't even have him return in the end for the big battle. I just can't handle this baby face not getting the recognition he deserves.

    4. Deucalion

    MTV / Via Tenor

    Okay, close your mouth and don't be so shocked. I know what you're thinking: "You put Theo on the overrated list, but you put this killer dude on the underrated list, what is wrong with you??" 

    Well, the difference between Deucalion and Theo is: When he was a young child, Theo killed his sister for no reason and doesn't really have a real drive, but Deucalion on the other hand tried to make peace with the hunters and had his eyes electrified by the biggest a-hole there is. So, can you blame him for wanting a little revenge? And if you think about it, no one really liked Chris Argent in the beginning either, but then became the greatest badass dad there is, even when his daughter was killed, so let's give Deucalion a little slack here. Plus, he did end up helping Scott and his pack in the end, without even killing anyone. You died with honor my friend and ended up on my list, so good for you.

    5. Corey Bryant

    MTV / Via Tenor

    One of the things I love about TW is its LGBTQ characters and how they blossom in the series. Corey came to us in Season 5 and was such a lovable character, even when the Dread Doctors injected him with lethal venom trying to turn him into a weapon, but he stuck true to his heart and to his friends' aid when they needed him the most. 

    Corey and Mason made such a cute couple and we should have seen more of them. I mean do they even have a couple name yet? Corson? Masey? Morey? Cason? We'll let that marinate and see what takes, but I'm leaning towards Masey forever.

    6. Danny Mahealani

    MTV / Via Tenor

    Danny was gone too soon and just disappeared away from our hearts at the same time Issac did, with no explanation of any kind. They could have said, "oh, Danny got transferred or moved" or ANYTHING, but no, they just made him disappear. Poof — no more Danny! 

    Danny was one of the first LGBTQ+ characters they introduced to the show and even though he didn't have a huge part in the show, he still made a big impact on our hearts. I just want to leave this tasty gif right here for all to enjoy.

    7. Finally, Deputy Jordan Parrish

    MTV / Via Tenor

    No, Parrish, you're worth a whole lot more than that to us! I had to save Parrish for last because we just need to focus on the importance he brought to the show — and then he didn't even get put into the opening credits until the second half of Season 6. SECOND HALF! 

    This man has put his life on the line more than once and doesn't get the recognition he deserves! I would have also liked to have seen where things could have gone with Lydia. Yes I know, don't chew my head off, I love Stydia too, but if we could have just explored this for a moment, things could have gotten heated...pun intended.

    I can't just leave one gif. I'm not biased or anything, but Parrish is literally and figuratively the hottest character on TW, so I'm just going to leave this here:


    We also can't forget the perfectly perfect characters that have played on our TVs for six years and have broken our hearts (not to mention ruin our reality of men everywhere).


    This list has brought back a lot of feels and I might have to re-binge watch to fill the wolf-sized hole in my heart.

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    So, do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know in the comments below!

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