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Top 90's Hairstyle Trends For Black Women To Reinvent This Spring

Spring is here! Thank God! It's time for Mother Earth to reinvent herself and sprout some beautiful new foliage. It's time for black women to do some reinventing too...but with hair! What gorgeous hairstyles from our past Springs can we rock in our present one?

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The Box Braids Fountain


With Ariana Grande bringing the high ponytail back into fashion, it's time for women of color to show the world how it's done! Janet Jackson revolutionized the high pony in the 90's by doing it with box braids thus, creating a luxurious fountain of beautiful black tresses, and guess what? It still looks dope today! This style gives you beautiful length and texture, while keeping things pinned up and breezy for the new warmer weather of spring!

Space Buns (With Laid Edges or Tendrils)


These buns are hot! Space buns were popularized in the black community by women like Brandy, Janet Jackson, and Lisa Left Eye Lopes. Now space buns are making a comeback, and they are absolutely perfect for a spring look! You can either wear these bad boys with laid edges, or tendrils, which are the single pieces of hair on either side of your face that you let fly free. Whichever way you choose to wear this look, you'll look absolutely adorable amongst the sunshine, and new growth of Spring!

Loose Curls/Crochet Braids


This one is a no-brainer! Voluminous curls have always been in style. But with the rising popularity in the black community of a natural look, spring 2017 is just screaming for a beautiful new curly-headed you! Mariah Carey was known for her beautiful loose curls in the 90's. Now you can be known the same way by rocking your natural hair, getting a weave or a wig for extra volume, or trying another new craze in black hair like crochet braids, which are extensions crocheted onto your natural hair.

Warm Toned Ombre's


Ombre's are a trend proving to truly stand the test of time! Ombre's in the 90's like this one worn by the legendary Aaliyah, were more blunt but still generally warm toned. Today the color gradient in our ombre's are more gradual but, the need to brighten up the face with rich warm tones is still very prevalent. This Spring why not make yourself appear warmer and brighter like the changing season?

Bobs And Or Defined Center Parts


Finally, a 90's trend fusion!! Back in the day, defined center parts were all the rage and so were straight blunt bobs! Today both of these trends are starting to make a comeback and are even some of the top trends in New York street style. Why not kill two beauty birds with one stone, like Kelly Rowland did back during the reign of Destiny's Child? Rock a straight bob with a defined center part! You'll look smart and breezy for Spring while staying a survivor!

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