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17 Reasons Why The Lizzie McGuire Movie Is The Greatest Movie Of Our Generation

This movie is what dreams are made of, even 14 years later.

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Lizzie's Clothes

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For those of us that weren't old enough to appreciate Carrie Bradshaw yet, Lizzie McGuire was our style icon. The Lizzie McGuire Movie graced us with some of her most sophisticated looks yet, from the newsboy-inspired hat she paired with a round brush accessory to her stripes on stripes on straight hair she rocked for riding on the back of a Vespa, Roman Holiday-style.

Lizzie is simultaneously awkward and #goals

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She might have had the worst junior high graduation speech ever, and she may have been an outfit repeater, but she gave us all hope. We all felt uncomfortable in our own skin but we could dream of spending two weeks without our parents in Rome and having our own bathroom before we were even in high school.

Also she totally wasn't embarrassed to show emotion and hug her mom in public, which was a big deal to me.


Gordo is perfect because he never makes Lizzie feel bad for not being in love with him or "friendzoning him." When she tells him to make a wish in the Trevi Fountain? He says, "I'm in Rome with my best friend. I'm good."

Plus, he calls her out on her I'm-acting-like-a-Disney-princess-and-falling-in-love-after-one-minute attitude!

And he covers for her the entire time with stupid Paolo. Even to the point where Miss Ungermeyer sends him home. And he doesn't make Lizzie feel guilty once!

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