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    People Are Blown Away At How Scary And Unexpected "The Bob's Burgers Movie" Is

    I mean, I just didn't see that coming.

    The Bob's Burgers Movie hit HBO Max and Hulu on July 12, and I was *so excited* to sit down and watch a family film.

    I love Bob's Burgers. I love my favorite weirdo Gene, Linda's singing, Tina's enthusiasm for butts, Louise's evil mind, Bob's pessimistic nature, and Teddy's unmatched adoration for Linda and Bob.

    I was expecting a lighthearted, funny film. I didn't know what I was in for. Because, like, 30 minutes in...this was me.

    Look, the movie was much scarier than I expected.

    And I wasn't alone in this thought! These tweets prove that:


    Bro why was the bobs burger movie scary

    @lilvajean / Via Twitter: @lilvajean


    The bobs burger movie is terrifying???

    @milo_ptv / Via Twitter: @milo_ptv


    I don't know what I expected from the bobs burgers movie. But it wasn't murder.

    @AmberMae22 / Via Twitter: @AmberMae22


    After three attempts (got scared) I have finally finished the bobs burgers movie

    @layheehew / Via Twitter: @layheehew


    the bobs burgers movie was the horror film of the century

    @cielo_lila_ / Via Twitter: @cielo_lila_


    the bobs burgers movie pandering to one of my biggest fears & turning into a borderline thriller was not something i expected; regardless they ate & left no crumbs

    @lyndseyonline / Via Twitter: @lyndseyonline


    I was just as stressed during the bobs burgers movie as I was during un cut gems

    @500martinis / Via Twitter: @500martinis


    maybe i just forgot how movies work but i really was not expecting the bobs burgers movie to open with a flashback gunshot scene

    @chibirarehunter / Via Twitter: @chibirarehunter


    yo bobs burgers movie was crazy af like what do you MEAN we almost watched the whole family get murdered??

    @bradenyoung__ / Via Twitter: @bradenyoung__


    The bobs burger movie was really good I really liked the part where Louise gets corpse teeth in her mouth because it was absolutely terrifying

    @feralkelsey / Via Twitter: @feralkelsey


    The bobs burger movie was so intense wtf i thought the belchers were really gonna die 🥲

    @vampirabites / Via Twitter: @vampirabites


    bobs burgers movie had me shaking

    @karstongadwa / Via Twitter: @karstongadwa


    The anxiety I felt at the end of the @BobsBurgersFOX movie 🫣

    @badallis0n / Via Twitter: @badallis0n


    the bobs burgers movie is a crime thriller be prepared to be on the edge of your seat (i’m drunk)

    @jordan_starrr / Via Twitter: @jordan_starrr

    Some viewers were scared for, um, other reasons.


    the bobs burgers movie is making me feel uneasy why are they dancing like that it’s weirding me out

    @Velvetworms_ / Via Twitter: @Velvetworms_

    And other viewers thought a different aspect of the movie was unexpected.


    Why is the bobs burgers movie a musical 🤦🏽‍♂️

    @DAVEYspeakss / Via Twitter: @DAVEYspeakss


    not bobs burgers movie being a musical

    @fugazienjoyer / Via Twitter: @fugazienjoyer

    18. Really? This is what you needed a warning about?!

    why did nobody warn me that the bobs burgers movie has musical numbers

    @dreamncardigan / Via Twitter: @dreamncardigan

    To which I say...have you ever watched the show?! It's very musical!

    19. This person gets it.

    streets saying they didn’t like the Bobs Burgers movie cus it was a musical? the show has always been a musical?? the song every other episode lol

    @airRaf_ / Via Twitter: @airRaf_

    20. And this person just didn't know what to expect at all!

    i never really expected the bobs burgers movie to be a murder mystery musical but here we are 😭😭

    @itzlyssauwu / Via Twitter: @itzlyssauwu

    21. But this person somehow saw it all coming:

    Watching bobs burgers movie — it’s what I expected

    @Gud2BRicH / Fox / Via Twitter: @Gud2BRicH

    What do you think was the most unexpected part of The Bob's Burgers Movie? Were you as anxious as I was? Let us know in the comments!