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25 Fan Reactions To "Love Is Blind" Season 3 So Far

The consensus is in: we have two clear villains.

The second batch of Love Is Blind Season 3 dropped yesterday and people have a lot of thoughts about the progression of this season's couples.

Zanab looks at Cole and says "I'm really scared"

I'm sure if you're reading this, you have a lot of thoughts too. Just remember one thing before proceeding:


No one watches Love Is Blind because they believe in the premise of the show. We watch it because we want to watch very specific kind of weirdos make terrible decisions

Twitter: @BeeBabs / Via Twitter: @BeeBabs


Bartise could literally have “I DONT LOVE YOU” written across his forehead and Nancy would still be like #LoveIsBlind

PBS / Via Twitter: @SaintLow_Rent


Bartise pretending to agree with Raven listing all the ways in which they're totally incompatible #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlind3

Via Twitter: @kayshawoollery


Listen, if Alexa and Brennon don’t get married on Love is Blind, we riot at dawn #LoveIsBlind3 #netflix

Via Twitter: @_Ashchristina


Love is Blind is so good. They took 10 people with absolutely childlike ideas of what it means to be in love/in a relationship & convinced them it’s deep to get married to someone they can’t stand just because they dated for 3 days without seeing each other. I’d watch 10 seasons

Via Twitter: @_brittanyv


after watching Bartise’s views on abortion, maybe Raven was onto something when using his pod time as a P90X class #LoveIsBlind #LoveisBlind3

Bravo / Via Twitter: @trinawatters


Raven saying “Matt was forgettable, I didnt even remember he was part of this” had me 💀 #loveisblind #loveisblindS3 #loveisblind3

Via Twitter: @stephdizzle11


Nancy is crying over a man with a flattop & a dangling earring #LoveIsBlind3 #LoveIsBlind

Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @theelitecowboy


needing these two to take a gap year abroad from their men #LoveIsBlind3 #LoveisBlind

Netflix / Via Twitter: @trinawatters


I’m sorry but bartiste’s sister breaking down over just the THOUGHT of an abortion?? NANCY RUN!!! #LoveIsBlind3 #LoveIsBlind

Via Twitter: @dxbee


no because the love is blind producers are dirty this season

Netflix / Via Twitter: @lavendermissed


Cole listing 100 different reasons Zenab is not his ‘typical type’ when we all know it translates to ‘she’s not white’ #LoveIsBlind

Netflix / Via Twitter: @Clarkhf


THIS MAN COLE HAD ROACHES IN HIS TOILET 🤮🤮🤮 #LoveIsBlind #loveisblinds3

Via Twitter: @Prettymarieexox


I love SK so much. He deserves the world #LoveIsBlind

Via Twitter: @mylastbraincels


I love Nancy’s brothers for not putting up with Bartise’s bullshit #loveisblind

Netflix / Via Twitter: @mrfweebs


So Cole married a girl after 2 months, she divorced him after 4 months, and Zanab didn’t think to ask why?? #LoveIsBlind

Bravo / Twitter: @dexagraham1


Can you see how calm Matt was when confronting Cole versus how he blew up with Colleen??? It was easier for him to believe the man over his own fiancé. 🚩🚩🚩 #LoveIsBlind

Twitter: @ricksnemesis


Me searching for an ounce of compatibility between Zanab and Cole #LoveisBlindS3 #LoveIsBlind

Netflix / Twitter: @PosUncensored


Nancy is making $2-300,000 talking about its our money when Bartise is over here shooting his shot at other women and disrespecting her to get face saying she’s unattractive???????? #LoveIsBlind3 #LoveisBlindS3 #LoveIsBlind

TikTok: lilleezyy / Via Twitter: @Jayonce_Inc


The minute Cole kept expressing how physically attracted he is to Zanab I KNEW he was gonna pull some Shake shit #loveisblind

Netflix / Via Twitter: @TheOGBosslaydee


Brennon talking about what he loves about Alexa was the first time I've ever heard a guy genuinely describe what he loves about the woman and not what she makes him feel like. #LoveIsBlind3 #LoveisBlindS3 #LoveIsBlind

Via Twitter: @nicolemoonyt


Cole has joined the league of frat boys. #LoveisBlindS3 #loveisblind

Netflix / Via Twitter: @bdandi06


I really hope young women watching #LoveIsBlind are able to see the toxicity of these men. Bartise & Cole blatantly disrespecting their partners because of their fixation on physical attributes & Matt defaulting to irrational anger towards a partner being honest. Big yikes. 🚩🚩

Via Twitter: @natalieamdaley


Seeing Alexa’s family’s house sure explains that prenup. #loveisblind #LoveIsBlind3

Via Twitter: @morgangurka

25. If you're feeling hopeless about these couples, just remember what we once had:

If none of these new couples last, I'm even more convince Love is Blind was literally made just for Cameron and Lauren to meet.

Via Twitter: @eboneerachelle

What do you think of Season 3 so far?

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