If You Have ADHD, You Should Be Following These Content Creators

    Whether it's study tips, humor, or just understanding, they make it better.

    Living with ADHD isn't easy, and finding a community and people who understand can be hard too. These content creators help, whether it's by talking about their experience with ADHD or creating ADHD-friendly (read: easy to stay focused on) content.

    1. Jarvis Johnson

    Youtuber Jarvis Johnson makes baffled expression, wearing wire rimmed glasses

    2. Pina (ADHD Alien)

    My life goals VS Executive Dysfunction. Or not knowing what you want from life because if you’d want it you’d do it...right?? I wish I had the answer to this - but at least I don’t have this issue with medication ✌️ #comics #adhs #tdah #mentalhealth

    Pina (ADHD Alien) / Via Twitter

    It was through Pina's ADHD Alien comics that I first started to feel understood in my ADHD struggles. For a long time, there was a limited scope for what ADHD looked like, with a focus on hyperactivity, which I couldn't relate to. But ADHD Alien comics showed a different side to ADHD, an alienated side. The side where quiet fears of never being good enough run rampant in a hyperactive mind and where executive dysfunction takes over but can't be explained to those who don't understand. There are hopeful comics about ADHD wins too, but the ones that captured the fears looping in my mind stayed with me the most.

    3. Kate (@katesearly)

    Many times, I've found myself a little too hyper-focused on watching TikToks, only to successfully be slowed down by one of user @katesearly's live study sessions, which is how I learned about body doubling. Kate plays calming music, creates a peaceful environment, and answers questions about her study setup and ADHD tips. She also has tours of her apartment that showcase ADHD-friendly organization tips and knick-knacks, which I've found helpful, as well as many others, according to the comment sections on her videos. As a pediatric nurse practitioner and med student, she also offers medical insights into ADHD and presents them in an easy-to-understand way.

    4. Youngmi Mayer


    i’ll never financially recover from this

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    Comedian Youngmi Mayer has a very ADHD-friendly TikTok page, including day-in-the-life videos about being a single mom living with ADHD, cooking with ADHD, going out to eat with other ADHD friends, and more. Youngmi's somewhat scattered nature in her TikToks, including fun shopping ones, are easy to keep focus on since they jump around from product to product and document all the distractions.

    5. Dani Donovan (ADHD Comics)

    the ADHD urge to lie about why you didn’t do something because “my brain refused to start on it” doesn’t make sense to a lot of neurotypicals

    Dani Donovan / Via Twitter

    Dani Donovan's ADHD tweets are like perfect little pick-me-ups to come across during my daily doomscrolling, just a quick reminder that someone out there is having the same struggle as me right now.

    6. Jessica McCabe (How to ADHD)

    Block letters reading HOW TO ADHD with an illustration of a brain

    7. ADHD Designer

    Why is it always “People with ADHD can’t stick to one thing” But never “People with ADHD are good at covering a large spectrum of different subjects very quickly and picking up on what will interest them”

    ADHD Designer / Via Twitter

    If you're a designer or artist with ADHD, following Shannon (aka ADHD Designer) on Twitter and Twitch is a good idea. Aside from the relatable tweets, Shannon hosts virtual coworking spaces on Twitch that help those who benefit from body doubling. Watching someone else get in the zone with their design can be super helpful for getting in the zone yourself. She also streams Animal Crossing gameplay and design, if you're into that!

    8. My ADHD Diary


    When I heard this, so much in my head fell into place. Hope it does for you too! #adhd #adhdtiktok #adultadhd #fyp #adhdprobs

    ♬ original sound - MyADHDdiary
    Jay was diagnosed with ADHD pretty late in life and uses his TikTok to document his adjustment to living with an ADHD diagnosis, including understanding his brain better, being kinder to himself, and finding the right meds for him, which anyone who has been treated for ADHD knows can be a long struggle. His content is inspiring, real, and a reminder to be gentle with ourselves.

    9. René Brooks (Black Girl, Lost Keys)

    After years of nausea, headaches, and neck pain, I was SO shocked to discover that the eyes were a source for all the symptoms, AND it was related to ADHD: https://t.co/cqWIGPvmCt

    Twitter: @blkgirllostkeys

    I first learned about René Brooks and her Black Girl, Lost Keys blog when her post about vertical heterophoria came across my Twitter timeline. This deep dive into a rare eye condition that's associated with ADHD showed how committed René is to learning more about ADHD and the various effects it has on people living with it. She's gone on to cultivate a strong community, creating content to motivate and resonate with Black women with ADHD. You can also shop ADHD-friendly merch and items on her site, including this super-cool pill pack water bottle.

    10. Jenn Has ADHD

    If I missed any ADHD content creators you love, let me know in the comments!