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    Everyone Is So Grown Up In Season 5 Of "Better Things"

    Honestly, my heart can't take it.

    Your favorite screenwriter's favorite show is back — and better than ever. Ha, get it?

    While we're happy to have our favorite family back onscreen, we're also a little sad because this is the last season.

    And wow, everyone has changed so much since this show's debut in 2016.

    The cast of Better Things sit on a stage while Pamela Adlon, creator and star, speaks
    Frederick M. Brown / Via Getty Images

    I mean, look at how little they all are!

    And look at them now! So grown up!!!

    Hannah Riley, Pamela Adlon, Olivia Edward, and Mikey Madison attend the fifth and final season celebration of FX's "Better Things"
    Matt Winkelmeyer / Via Getty Images

    Sam Fox has been working hard over the past six years as a single mom to these three special kids.

    Look how little Duke was when they started!

    Young Olivia Edward as Duke in Better Things, wearing overalls at a table
    Justin Lubin © FX / Via Everett Collection

    She was her mom's biggest supporter and such a great sister, too.

    Pamela Adlon and Olivia Edward lying on a bed together in "Pilot"
    Colleen Hayes © FX / Via Everett Collection

    Now she's 13 years old, and judging by the short convo she has with Sam over FaceTime in the first episode of Season 5, she's getting more distant as she grows older.

    Duke talks on FaceTime with mom Sam in smaller PIP
    FX / Via Hulu

    In real life, Olivia Edward, who plays Duke, is 15 years old.

    Olivia Edward, who plays Duke, smiles in a velvet suit at a red carpet event
    Priscilla Grant / Via Everett Collection

    The middle child, Frankie, was such a baby bean when the show started.

    Frankie holds a red plastic cup that he's ready to throw in a garbage bag
    Jennifer Clasen © FX / Via Everett Collection

    But now Frankie is a teen who graduated from high school early.

    Frankie wears glasses and closes the door behind her as she enters her home
    FX / Via Hulu

    Frankie's rebellious streak has definitely gotten lesser with age, while Duke's is probably about to start.

    Grandma Phil sits with Frankie and Duke
    Jessica Brooks © FX / Via Everett Collection

    The actor who plays Frankie, Hannah Riley, is 18 years old in real life.

    Hannah Riley wears a green dress and holds a clutch
    Priscilla Grant / Via Everett Collection

    Max, the eldest daughter, was a typical messy teen when the show started.

    Max sits on a ledge while on the phone in a red jacket
    Jessica Brooks © FX / Via Everett Collection

    But now she's an adult who is apartment hunting and dealing with even bigger messes.

    Max grins as she spreads her arms across a brick wall inside an apartment
    FX / Via Hulu

    Mikey Madison, who plays Max, is 22 years old in real life.

    Mikey Madison poses in a low-cut black dress with her hair flowing
    Priscilla Grant / Via Everett Collection

    Even Phil, Sam's mom and her kids' grandma, has changed quite a bit since the first season.

    Phil wears a turtleneck knit shirt and looks into the distance
    Justin Lubin © FX / Via Everett Collection

    She's been through quite a lot, but she seems happier and still close to her grandkids, especially Frankie.

    Phil looks at some papers, her hair light brown and her face visibly aged
    FX / Via Hulu

    Sam, despite how much the last five seasons have put her through, looks basically the same as she did in the first season.

    Sam, Duke and Frankie stand in the empty audience and look toward a stage
    Jessica Brooks © FX / Via Everett Collection

    I guess she just wears all the stress well!

    Sam looks out the window of her car
    FX / Via Hulu

    All I know is, I can't wait for all the tender moments coming up in this final season.

    Frankie in a suit smiles at Duke while Sam smiles behind them
    Suzanne Tenner © FX / Via Everett Collection

    It's been a joy watching these characters grow.

    Sam says "I'm jealous of everybody who gets to meet you down the road" to Frankie, who looks contemplative
    FX / Via Hulu