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    12 Reasons Why You Need A Dachshund And Donut Party

    Dachshunds and Donuts

    1. Adorable Decorations.

    2. Dachshund Banners.

    3. Pin the tale on the doxie.


    Game found at The Smoothe Store.

    4. Decorate you own Doxie.


    Stuffed animals found at Oriental Trading.

    5. Did I mention a donut bar...

    6. And Thank you Donuts.

    7. Tons of Dachshund and Donut decorations.

    8. Dachshund and Donut cookies

    9. Goodie bags with dachshund crayons!


    Dachshund Crayons found at Oriental Trading.

    10. Coffee in Dachshund Mugs


    Coffee Mugs and Towel found The Smoothe Store

    11. Dachshunds made out of Twix bars!

    12. And of course cute dachshunds to hang out with.

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