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    8 Reasons Why I’m Proud To Be A Daddy’s Girl, Even Though I’m 11-Years-Old

    I may be pretty good at rolling my eyes when he asks me to do the dishes or clean my room, but it’s always secretly my goal to make him proud.

    1. He helps me conquer my anxiety.

    sabrina james / Via Instagram: @sabrinajames

    Yes, I have anxiety, but don’t feel sorry for me! I think anxiety is my superpower. And part of the reason why is because my dad has anxiety too and he’s the strongest, smartest man I know! We both worry about little things and get nervous sometimes around groups of people, but it makes me feel better to know he understands. At the beginning of the school year, I felt awkward around some of the girls I sat with at the lunch table. I didn’t know what to say and sometimes I would just sit there quietly while the rest of them talked. It made me feel very lonely. After I told him how I felt, he helped me come up with ideas on how to start a conversation and taught me questions I could ask in case I got nervous. It really helped!

    He can always tell when I get anxious at night (I am not a fan of the dark) and he knows just when to cuddle me. It’s almost like he can read my mind and understand everything I am feeling. If my dad can grow up to be a lawyer and have anxiety, I know I can do anything too! It's a big relief!

    2. He’s a feminist.

    sabrina james / Via Instagram: @sabrinajames

    My dad teaches me that I am strong, as strong as any boy! And that I can accomplish anything I want in life if I work hard. He taught me to rise up, aim high, and speak my mind. I may be young, but he always tells me that I deserve to have my voice heard and that I am more than just a pretty face.

    He believes in strong women and even took me to vote with him on election day. Even though I was sad when the person I wanted to win didn’t (#teamHillary), he showed me that he still believed in women’s rights when he marched next to me at the Women’s March. I remember seeing a man there holding a sign that said, “Men of quality do not fear equality.” My dad is a quality man.

    3. He’s a tennis dad.

    sabrina james / Via Instagram: @sabrinajames

    Everyday my dad leaves work and drives me to tennis. Tennis is my favorite sport and it helps me to relive stress and anxiety. It is actually my dad’s favorite sport too! I always tell him not to watch me during practice because he gets so involved and gives me a long speech after about things I can do better, but sometimes I see him hiding and still watching me, even when he says he won’t. But if I’m being honest, I don’t actually mind.

    I like knowing he’s there and that he cares enough to watch me. When I do something good and I see him smiling It feels nice to know I made him proud. I hope he doesn’t regret all the time he spent playing tennis with me when I am finally old enough to beat him, which is my ultimate goal! (Sorry, dad — hate to break it to you, but you’re going down!)

    4. He loves my mom.

    sabrina james / Via Instagram: @sabrinajames

    My dad loves my mom more than anyone in the universe. He has taught me how boys are supposed to treat girls: with kindness and respect. He always tells me that my mom is the strongest woman in the world and that I should always look up to her, just like he does. I like to see them laugh together and the three of us love spending time at home, just cuddling on the couch and watching movies. He goes to get my mom her favorite cheese at the store and brings her coffee in the morning after he takes me to school.

    Some people say that men wear the pants in relationships, but at my house, both of my parents do. He shows me that good relationships are when men and women are equals. Both of my parents work hard and my dad always tells me how proud he is of the kind of woman my mom is — and I agree. Strong women, like my mom, are powerful and beautiful and I know that because I can see the way my dad looks at my mom.

    5. He’s never too busy to spend time with me.

    sabrina james / Via Instagram: @kaiajjames

    Whether it’s taking me to watch Wonder Woman, just the two of us, or going out to eat ice cream, he always has time in his day to make me feel special. I know that no matter what my dad will always be there for me in the happiest days or the saddest. He never acts like anything is more important than me (except for when tennis finals are on, and then I know I sometimes have to wait).

    He walks me home from school almost every day, never misses a tennis match or school play. When we order takeout, he lets me pick where we order from and always asks what I want to watch on TV which makes me feel like my opinion is respected even though I’m just a kid. My dad will even go downstairs and check to make sure everything’s OK when I hear a noise in the middle of the night — how nice is that?

    6. He doesn't judge me.

    sabrina james / Via Instagram: @sabrinajames

    My dad doesn't judge me which is definitely a good thing because I like some pretty weird things. Even though I am 11, I am still obsessed with My Little Pony and unicorns. That doesn’t stop him from watching the shows with me (when I beg him) and sitting there while I read off the description and personality traits of every custom pony I have ever created. I’m grumpy in the morning, but my dad knows it takes me awhile to get up and always leaves extra time so I can say "Five more minutes!" a few times before I have to get up.

    He tells me I am beautiful even when my hair is a mess and I haven't brushed my teeth. And even back when I told him my goal in life was to be on Cupcake Wars and have my own bakery, he just laughed and said I could be anything I wanted to be! For all I know, he wouldn’t even judge if I said I wanted to be a clown when I grew up (don’t worry dad, I don’t). I know I can always be myself around him and he will love me no matter what I do, what grades I get, or what kind of person I become. There’s no better feeling.

    7. He helps me with school.

    sabrina james / Via Instagram: @sabrinajames

    Me and my dad both struggle with math, which is actually a good thing because he always shows me tips and tricks on how to get better that he learned as a child. He says people like us may have to study and work hard, but we can master any skill.

    We are both very stubborn and have very similar brains, so we do get frustrated with each other a lot when he helps me with homework, but he sees through all of that and doesn’t give up until I completely understand everything. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

    8. He’s an amazing friend.

    sabrina james / Via Instagram: @kaiajjames

    My dad is more than just a dad, he’s a friend too. We do almost everything together. He makes me feel happy when I'm feeling low and always makes up for his mistakes with a mouthful of jokes. He’s the best cheerleader I could ever have! Whenever I have a bad day at tennis, he gets me right back to my happy place with some fun music in the car!

    Some (former) friends of mine were incredibly mean to me a few days ago and I ended the friendships. It was really hard and I cried for a couple of hours, but daddy to the rescue! He hugged me and told me that I deserve so much more out of people in my life and he’s absolutely right. Who needs friends like that when I have a daddy who’s the best friend a girl could ever have? He makes all the difference.

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