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12 Totally Legit Reasons White Russians Are Always In Style

Some things get better with age! Celebrate the White Russian's 60th Birthday with a new twist on an old classic — and just make sure your cocktail starts with Kahlúa.

1. White Russians have the perfect balance of coffee flavor and subtle sweetness with a kick.

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And who doesn't love THAT?

2. Their reputation will make you feel oh so original.

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Not that you don't ~always~ feel that way.

3. But that doesn't mean they're not perfect for when you want to let loose.

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White Russians are really perfect for ANY occasion actually.

4. Although White Russians are a classic cocktail, you only need three ingredients to make one.

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Like actually too easy.

5. At the same time, you'll still seem like an amazing host for taking the time to mix up cocktails at your next party.

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When you could have just bought a six-pack of whatever.

6. Ordering a White Russian at the bar instead of your usual craft beer is sure to liven up your night.

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(And you might never go back to your usual afterward.)

7. ...but they're not so complicated that the bartender is annoyed when you order one.

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Or two.

8. If you're looking for the perfect drink to keep the party going after dinner and before hitting the town, it doesn't get any better than a White Russian.

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'Cause they're perfect for easing into party mode!

9. And everyone will be so impressed with your White Russians, they'll barely notice that you burned your dessert.

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'Cause you don't really know how to cook, right?

10. With their light coffee flavor, they are the perfect brunch cocktail.

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You won't even miss your usual mimosa!

11. And White Russians are special enough to replace champagne when you're celebrating.

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Go, you!

12. But finally, they're still bold enough to make you feel like a total badass.

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Say happy birthday to a true classic: the Kahlúa White Russian!

Stick to the script. Drink responsibly.