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12 Naughty Things To Do That Will Make You Feel Nice

Sometimes, it feels very good to be bad! Feeling really naughty? Try a splash of Kahlúa Salted Caramel in your iced coffee!

1. Splurge on tickets for a vacation, even though you haven't contributed to your savings in forever.

2. Go skinny-dipping — in a pool, at the beach, during the day, at night...whenever!

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3. Take a second lunch break when the afternoon slump hits.

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4. Cancel all your plans and spend the entire day in your room with your S.O., only leaving for takeout.

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5. Sleep in on the weekend, even if you have a ton of errands to run.

6. Finally ask out your best friend's sibling. (Secretly, of course!)

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7. Have a second helping of dessert. Tell yourself you can eat healthy tomorrow.

8. Let that stranger at the bar buy you a drink, even though you're so not interested.

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9. Post a group picture that you look great in — even if your friends don't look so good.

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10. Take a ton of free samples, even though you have absolutely no intention of buying anything.


11. Buy a birthday gift and keep it for yourself. Wrap up something random from your apartment as a replacement.

12. Drag your friends to the beach for the sole purpose of checking out the hot lifeguards.

And the naughtiest thing of all?

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Add a splash of Kahlúa Salted Caramel to your iced coffee. (We won't tell...)

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