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    17 Unique Lighting Fixtures And Ideas That Are Just What Your Home Needs

    Time to replace that tubelight.

    1. This wire mesh chandelier that's not as delicate and easy to break as those glass ones, and still pretty darn elegant - ₹890

    2. This gorgeous ceiling lamp with an antique look that's perfect for your living room - ₹910

    3. These diamond-shaped hanging cluster lights that'll instantly up your home's aesthetic - ₹999

    4. This wall light that is designed in the shape of a bicycle, a testament to your active lifestyle - ₹499

    5. This spider chandelier with 8 arms that will help you show off your artistic sensibilities to the world - ₹2,499

    6. This folding rechargable fan that’s also 360-degree rotatable and has LED light in the middle, perfect for travel and late-night reading - ₹890

    Fan-lamp throwing light on a desk.

    7. This shuttlecock shaped hanging light that's perfect for homes of badminton lovers - ₹699

    8. This rainbow table light that comes with a holder base and is just what you need to add a little personality to your desk - ₹799

    9. These multicolour paper lanterns that come with LED fairy lights and will give your home a warm glow - ₹799

    10. This handcrafted glass wall lamp that will add a touch of elegance to your space - ₹745

    11. These pack of 4 geometrical hanging lights that'll help you add some angles to your interior decor - ₹1,999

    4 lights in the shape of a square, triangle, circle, and square (from left to right).

    12. This dome-shaped mosaic glass lamp that'll add a rustic look to your home - ₹349

    13. These glow-in-the-dark stickers that may not exactly be lights but will make you feel like you’re sleeping under the night sky - ₹259

    14. This beautiful moon lamp that comes with a wooden stand and touch controls to pretty up your home with the light of the moon - ₹1,299

    Moon lights hanging from the ceiling and sitting on the table and shelf of a living room.

    15. This set of two elaborate wall sconces that come with tealight candles and will have people asking where you got them from - ₹798

    16. This beautiful floor lamp to softly light up your place during quiet evenings and set the mood - ₹2,399

    17. And finally, this pair of bamboo ceiling lamps that'll help you bring a more traditional touch to your home - ₹1,249