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    19 Things Only Those Born On The Cusp Between Millennial And Gen Z Will Relate To

    Gather around, cuspers!

    If you've been on the internet for a while, you'd probably know what Millennial or Gen Z is. However, did you know that there are also people living on the edge of the two generations?

    Yup, they're called cuspers, as they are born on the cusp of a generation, specifically in that weird mid '90s to early '00s transitional phase.

    And if you're one of them (one of us!), here are some things you would probably relate to:

    1. First things first, you probably decide whether you’re a Millennial or Gen Z depending on the setting and your audience.

    Being born in 96-97 allows you to decide and change wether you’re a Millennial or Gen Z based on your mood. I don’t make the rules, but these are the rules x

    Twitter: @todd_j_cooper

    It used to be that calling yourself a Millennial back in the day was the easiest way to get yourself a social media gig. Now it's Gen Z.

    2. Half your friends send you Millennial memes and the other half send you Gen Z memes.

    3. Consequently, you spend entirely too much time on Know Your Meme.

    4. You've probably reacted to Only-Millennials/Gen Z-Will-Relate lists with scorn.

    5. And if you grew up in the late 90s, you probably had a phase when you made being a "90s kid" your whole personality.

    6. You're a weird mix of Millennial and Gen Z mannerisms.

    I turned off auto capitalization but I still do it by myself half the time which i think is very genz/millennial cusp of me

    Twitter: @dontcallme_23

    You've used both 🤙 and ✋ to mime being on a call. And now you're just confused.

    7. And people just will. not. stop telling you which one they think you are.

    Please, I refuse to identify as gen z or millennial. I don't care about these categories, they don't mean anything to me. I want absolutely no part of this foolishness, leave me alone

    Twitter: @bunburyist_

    All people on either side of the line seem to be able to do, is have opinions on each other AND you.

    8. If you're a Gen Z on the Millennial-cusp, society keeps telling you you're an adult, while simultaneously painting your generation as one made up of little kids eating Tide Pods.

    9. And as a Millennial on the Gen Z-cusp, you feel like you should probably be a little more of an adult.

    10. You get the Gen Z/Millennial beef but also, like, can everyone please stop and just get along.

    I’m right on the cusp of millennial/GenZ. Can I just isolate myself? I don’t wanna be either

    Twitter: @xoqueen_beexo

    It feels like my only two brain cells are at war with each other. Okay! Stop!

    11. Your extremely existential Gen Z humour horrifies others and, being on the cusp, you sometimes even horrify yourself.

    Being a millennial/GenZ cusp with cusp friends or GenZ friends is saying “I wanna unalive” at the slightest inconvenience and getting a cacophony of “mood”

    Twitter: @thatonemusickid

    12. You grew up on supposed "90s shows" and remember a time when TV actually had the good shit on it.

    13. You really feel too old for some of the Gen Z representation in media and the internet.

    The existential angst of the GenZ-Millennial cusp.................................

    Twitter: @sadface_usui

    But a lot of Millennial representation is also sometimes way off the mark for you.

    14. And you have some true guilty pleasures that either one or the other side of your generations would mock you for.

    being on the cusp of millennial/genz means we get to be universally hated for 2x as long 🥰

    Twitter: @prollymarlee

    15. You’re tech support for both Gen Zs and Millennials (and, like, all the generations).

    im screaming one of my students made a messenger account and a fb account and now they have two messenger accounts and theyre so confused ,,, millennial-genz cusp is truly the peak of technology,,, yall 15 yr olds rly don't know how to work something as easy as fb...

    Twitter: @sourcandyanusha

    And contrary to popular belief, you DO know how to burn a CD or know what a floppy disk is, thank you very much.

    16. Shaka Laka Boom Boom was peak Millennial-Gen Z cusp culture and no, I will not elaborate.

    17. You might have JUST missed the MySpace era, but you were here for all the social media migrations that came afterwards — from Facebook (where you lied to get in) to Twitter to Tumblr to Twitter again, with some Instagram sprinkled in.

    What if you’re too young for MySpace but too old for Tik Tok? Does that make me a Zillennial?

    Twitter: @thisisadampower

    Not to mention those few years where everyone was on Skype?!?!

    18. You feel too young for some of the older Millennial stuff and too old to keep up with a lot of the things the younger Gen Zs are doing.

    19. And sometimes you just want to set up your own generation so people will stop bothering you.

    people born 93-98 are in a separate generation. the gay generation. i say that because i am gay and was born in 94. think this might be worth looking into @NASA

    Twitter: @jaboukie

    Am I...a Zillennial?

    What are some other things only Millennial-Gen Z cuspers have experienced? Tell us in the comments for validation from other cuspers!