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    15 Things For Anyone Who Just Wants A Little Peace And Quiet In Their Life

    Sometimes you just want to be off, you know?

    1. This portable noise machine with 36 non-looping relaxing sounds and a sleep timer for those who need soothing ambient noises to fall asleep to, or just to block out noisy thoughts - ₹5,666

    2. These blackout curtains that will help you reach the required level of darkness you need to just lie down and contemplate life for a bit, or have the perfect theatre-like binge-watch experience - ₹949

    3. This soothing and calming chamomile tea that will have you letting go of stress with every sip - ₹230

    A cup of tea, kettle, and the packet of chamomile tea.

    4. This MINISO tropical peach scented candle that will make you feel super spoiled as you nap or enjoy a good book - ₹190

    5. These battery-powered fairy lights with 50 warm white LEDs that are just what you need for the perfect ambience - ₹249

    Various items draped with fairy lights, such as a wine glass and bottle, mirrors, ladders, and plants.

    6. This WOW face and body ubtan pack that'll help you settle in for a self-care night while you lovingly remove deep-seated dirt and impurities from your skin - ₹435

    7. This pack of noise-reducing earplugs to help you block out distracting noises or snoring while you try to catch some Z's - ₹129

    8. These foldable noise-cancelling headphones from Sony with 30 hours of battery life to cancel out all the distractions around you when you’re focusing on channelling creative energies (plus, they're an extremely good deterrent for people who might approach you) - ₹16,990

    A person sitting on a chair with their feet up and headphones in.

    9. This pack of 100 sound-dampening bumpers that will bring sweet relief from slammed doors, banging cabinets, unsteady wall hangings, and more - ₹329

    Collage of various uses of the sound dampeners, such as on doors and cabinets. Text reads: “Multi-function use/multi-scene use”.

    10. And these insulation pads you can easily stick to the bottom of chairs and furniture to avoid dragging noises and protect your floor from scratches at the same time - ₹199

    11. This huge 3 feet teddy bear that is just what you need for maximum cuddles without having to interact with actual humans - ₹599

    12. These MINISO aromatherapy diffusers that come in eight different fragrances, including lavender, rose, jasmine, and even apple sake, and will have you feeling calm and relaxed in no time - ₹390

    13. This draft guard for your door that will keep the noisy air drafts out where they can’t bother you and the inside temperature exactly how you need - ₹225

    14. This colouring book of 50 swear words that will have you peacefully colouring away your frustrations - ₹1,718

    15. And finally, this Shinchan “No Relatives” doormat that might get you shamed and shunned within your family circles but is sometimes absolutely necessary for your peace of mind - ₹399

    A bright yellow doormat with a monochrome illustration of Shinchan holding a board with a cross on it and the word 'Relatives' written just underneath.