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    18 Products That’ll Help You Take Care Of Your Car The Way It Deserves

    You can’t ride or die if your ride’s no good.

    1. This GPS tracker that comes with a free SIM card charged with one year’s worth of data and free app subscription for a year so you can get real time location tracking for your vehicle - ₹2,250

    2. This amazing internal vent cleaner that will quickly remove any traces of dust that could sully your ride - ₹149

    Vent cleaner dusting off various crevices in a car.

    3. This waterproof and non-slip backseat cover to securely travel with your pet while protecting your seat from scratches, dirt, and spills - ₹999

    A dog sitting in the backseat of a car on top of the cover.

    4. This spill-proof air freshener in the scent 'Tangy Delight' that keeps your car smelling fresh and clean at all times - ₹356

    Graphic showing air fresher and its properties - “lasts up to 60 days” and “twist to turn on/off”.

    5. This heavy duty anti-theft tyre lock to secure your tyres safely and protect your car from potential theft - ₹1,080

    Tire lock attached to the tire of a car.

    6. This inflatable air mattress for your car's backseat that comes with two inflatable pillows, air pump, repair kit, free neck pillow and eye mask, and a handbag to store it all when you're not using it - ₹1,789

    Air mattress spread over the backseat of a car.

    7. This amazing tyre puncture repair kit that has everything you need to repair those pesky punctures on-the-go - ₹549

    Repair kit and the included items.

    8. This tire rim brush that'll have your ride looking nice and new all the time, no matter how many rough conditions it's subjected to - ₹284

    A hand cleaning a tyre with the cleaning brush.

    9. This multi-pocket car backseat organiser with a foldable tray to keep your car neat and tidy, even while you're carrying food or drinks - ₹599

    Backseat organiser with items like bottles, tablet, glasses, etc.

    10. This digital tyre inflator with LED light that's perfect for emergency flat tyres and can connect to your car's cigarette lighter port - ₹2,059

    Tyre inflator attached to a tyre.

    11. This scratch-free microfiber car washing glove that you can use both wet and dry to keep your car free from dust and grime - ₹164

    12. This high pressure car washing nozzle gun with a built-in soap dispenser (and eight different watering patterns) to easily wash your car - ₹699

    A hand holding the nozzle gun, spraying water on a car.

    13. This environment-friendly spray paint that comes in 31 colours so you can style up your vehicle yourself - ₹250

    Paint can be used on bikes, lamps, helmets, and more.

    14. This 360-degree mobile holder with a one-touch lock you can stick onto your dashboard or windshield to keep your phone safely mounted while you drive, so your car doesn't have to suffer the indignity of the scratches that come with an untethered phone - ₹539

    15. This 10-gauge jumper cable to jump-start a dead or weak battery - ₹849

    Jumper cable attached to a car’s engine.

    16. This rain repellent for your windshield that will give you greater visibility while driving in the rain - ₹215

    Difference between treated (left) and untreated (right) glass.

    17. This set of 4 car bumper protectors to save your car from scratches while parking - ₹349

    Bumper protectors attached to the back corners of a car.

    18. And finally, this incredible portable car vacuum cleaner with a stainless steel HEPA filter so your ride is always in top shape (especially if you're the type to panic when someone has to see the inside of your car) - ₹1,619

    A hand using the vacuum cleaner to clean inside their car.