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    16 Kitchen Hacks That Will Help You Achieve Your Masterchef Dreams

    Even if you're like me and not the best at understanding how the kitchen works.

    1. This helpful stainless steel cutter with spring action to make cutting and chopping easier so you won't make excuses to avoid cooking all the time - ₹249

    2. These safety gloves that are an essential for the kitchen, especially if you're like me and end up with new cuts after every cooking attempt - ₹375

    3. This compact non-stick frying pan that doubles up as an egg boiler to make healthy breakfasts easier for you - ₹649

    4. These herb scissors with a 5-blade comb to help you cut those leafy veggies and herbs in seconds - ₹349

    A hand cutting herbs over a chopping board.

    5. This rotating fruit slicer that'll help you slice fruits in the most delicate flower shaper and make you feel like an actual artist - ₹189

    A person slicing through a cucumber using the slicer.

    6. This revolutionary pineapple slicer that'll help you get perfect pineapple rings - ₹299

    7. This quick and convenient watermelon slicer with a windmill design that helps you not just carve out the watermelon but actually take out bite-sized pieces - ₹399

    A collage of three images showing the slicer cutting up small watermelon pieces.

    8. This strainer bowl that will help you say goodbye to the struggle of keeping rice or noodles in the bowl while you drain the water - ₹179

    A person draining out washed rice over a sink.

    9. This ergonomic mini pepper grinder to help you crush those big pieces of pepper quickly and add some flavour to your food - ₹429

    Hands adding pepper pieces to the grinder.

    10. This easy and portable mincer for your garlic, ginger, and onions so you don't have to spend all that time mincing and crushing - ₹359

    11. This collapsible colander with extendable folding handles to make washing veggies and fruits a breeze - ₹499

    12. This steamer basket and insert that you can use to make steaming veggies so much easier - ₹448

    Various assortment of veggies being steamed.

    13. These silicone sink strainers that will trap all the food debris before it escapes, because no one wants to be stuck with a clogged pipe after going through the effort of actually cooking - ₹2,676

    14. This ultimate 15-in-1 cutter and chopper for your fruits and veggies that will make life so much more convenient for you - ₹739

    15. These silicone gloves that will save your hands from getting burnt or dirty, whether you're lifting hot pots and pans or washing the dishes - ₹249

    A hand wearing the gloves and washing a plate.

    16. And finally, this waffle maker because honestly, I don't understand how people function without being able to quickly make some waffles whenever they wanna - ₹2,680