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    15 Heating Products That’ll Keep You Warm And Toasty This Winter

    For those who are perpetually cold.

    1. This single-bed electric blanket made of Merino wool that will warm you up as soon as you get into bed - ₹1,899

    2. This 2000W portable room heater that has an air throw range of 10 feet and includes overheating protection - ₹1,299

    Heater kept on a table.

    3. This Bajaj 1000W radiant room heater that will quickly and easily warm you up - ₹944

    4. This instant heating water tap with a digital display that shows you the real-time temperature of the water - ₹1,699

    5. This 1KW rod water heater is easily portable and will help you get large amounts of warm water quickly and whenever you need - ₹449

    6. This pack of 10 self-heating warmers that you can whip out anytime you feel cold, or simply place in your clothes and socks to keep warm - ₹980

    7. This heating thermos-cum-mug that is perfect for hot drinks while you're on the go - ₹550

    8. This heating foot massager you can dip your feet in to unwind after a day in the cold - ₹1,649

    9. This heating pad that will help relieve your aches caused by cold conditions or from sprains, cramps, and more - ₹349

    10. This foot warmer where you can just slip your feet in and relax to warm up your cold limbs - ₹1,699

    11. Or this foot warmer that you can keep under your desk to keep yourself warm while you work - ₹2,302

    12. This stylish, energy-efficient, and portable fan heater that you can carry wherever you go to always keep warm no matter where you are - ₹5,100

    13. This decorative electric fireplace with two power settings and 7-colour LED flames that you can install in your living room to give your space that fancy effect without the hassle that comes with actual fireplaces - ₹18,400

    14. This portable mini space heater that you can simply plug into an outlet that comes with a timer and automatically switches off when the temperature is too high - ₹1,499

    15. And finally, this infrared room heater that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas, so you can hang it in your rooms or even your balcony - ₹26,500