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    17 Things You Need For Your Cosy Little Reading Nook At Home

    Sometimes you just need some space for yourself and your books.

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    1. This little side table that you can turn into a bookshelf, place some flower pots, or just use as an adorable tiny table to hold your coffee mug and book while you spend a relaxing day lost in fictional worlds - ₹688

    Side table with a flower pot on each side and books on the middle table.

    2. These artificial grass tiles that you can put up in your balcony or even inside your home to liven up your nook (especially if you love the outdoors but hate going out) - ₹279

    3. These gorgeous string lights with 200 LEDs that will help you set up the mood for a perfect evening nestled in your little corner with a good book and your drinks of choice - ₹599

    4. These sheer white curtains from Ikea that you can use to carve out your own little world of books and bliss in your home while keeping its open and airy feel intact - ₹665

    5. And these curtain string lights that are the perfect addition to your new curtains, with 8 modes for all your moods - ₹1,099

    A lit up room with a plant, side tables, a chair, and curtains all covered with string lights.

    6. This shaggy rug that you need to keep your space nice and comfy, whether that's just for your toes or for when you decide to sprawl out right there on the floor - ₹1,999

    Rug placed on the floor.

    7. This soft and fluffy bean bag that you can happily sink into while enjoying your latest literary adventure - ₹1,649

    8. This amazing swinging hammock chair you can hang up that will both save space and make your nook even more fun - ₹1,490

    Hammock chair hanging from the ceiling.

    9. Or for something even comfier, get a proper hammock that can hold up to 120kgs of weight instead - ₹799

    10. This heavy-duty grabber stick that every respectable nook needs and will help you extend the reach of your arms while laying down like the couch potato you're proud to be - ₹1,849

    11. This gorgeous hanging tapestry that will honestly transform any wall it hangs on look 100x better - ₹240

    Tapestry with the design of an elephant and a tree, hanging on a wall with string lights decorating its corners.

    12. These zigzag shelves for the corner of your little corner to hold all your overflowing books (also helping you solve the problem of where exactly do I keep this new batch of books??) - ₹999

    Shelf attached to a corner wall, with various decorative items kept on it and a wall with pages next to it.

    13. And this set of three invisible bookshelves that will make your book collection literally float in the air - ₹599

    Three shelves placed vertically to make a floating stack of books.

    14. This "book safe", which is actually a locker in the shape of a book, where you can practise some "hiding in plain sight" and feel super smart while keeping your valuables secure - ₹899

    15. This folding book lamp that will suit the aesthetic of your reading nook SO well - ₹1,099

    16. This fleece blanket robe with sleeves that will make every binge-reading session the most comfortable one you've ever had - ₹5,399

    17. And finally, this little DIY model of a bookstore that you will have so much fun constructing and is the perfect addition to your personalised little slice of heaven - ₹11,021