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    16 Useful Items You'll Love While Attending Virtual Classes Or Meetings

    Living virtually, unfortunately, usually means more work than play.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This 360-degree movable tray with six compartments that you can attach underneath your desk to store all the stuff you don't need cluttering your desk while you're trying to study - ₹150

    Get it here.

    2. This aluminium mobile stand for your desk that is designed for you to simultaneously charge your phone while using it handsfree for your Zoom call (or just to keep it in sight while pretending to pay attention) - ₹139

    Also comes in various other designs and colours! Get it here.

    3. This metal mesh desk organiser to declutter your working space and make all those small paper clips, pens, and whatnot easily retrievable - ₹349

    Get it here.

    4. Or this stylish desk organiser that has space for a telephone, stationery, files, and all other miscellaneous items so they don't get in your way - ₹2,229

    Get it here.

    5. This ergonomic attachable armrest to give your arm some support during a long day at your virtual classroom - ₹2,918

    A woman with her arm kept on the armrest while she's working, with an explanation below describing the armrest's ergonomic design.

    Get it here!

    6. This sleek cable organiser you can attach virtually anywhere to free up space and manage your many cords - ₹349

    iPad connected to a cable running through the cable organiser.

    Get it here.

    7. Or this pack of 10 cable protectors that offers even more flexibility by attaching different-sized slots in different places, as you need - ₹329

    Get them here!

    8. This adjustable footrest with a textured surface which you can place under your desk to massage your soles, and a free-floating design that allows you to easily stretch your legs - ₹2,530

    A person's feet on the footrest.

    Get it here.

    9. This amazing foam cushion you can attach to any chair to make it comfortable and easier on your poor back - ₹1,299

    A woman working at her desk with the cushion attached to the chair.

    Get it here.

    10. Or invest in this ergonomic adjustable chair that will make sitting at your desk all day a hundred times more comfortable with its breathable fabric and 90 to 180-degree titling - ₹12,990

    Get it here.

    11. This handy label maker to help you channel your inner Monica and take your organisational skills to the next level, from assignments and files to drawers and more - ₹3,320

    Get it here! Or simply get this label tape for ₹565 and write your labels yourself.

    12. This remarkable charging station-cum-desk organiser to keep your gadgets all sorted on your desk while keeping the messy wires hidden - ₹699

    Get it here.

    13. This magnetic whiteboard that'll help you organise your days and plan your schedule even while you're at home with no reliable timetable to fall back on - ₹432

    A whiteboard stuck magnetically to a fridge with a person's task outlined on it, besides three marker pens.

    Get it here.

    14. Or this innovative 2x3 ft. roll of stainproof whiteboard film that you can stick virtually anywhere to make the best use of your space - ₹1,399

    Get it here.

    15. These wall decals to get your creativity going with fresh scenery even cooped inside your room, or just something nice to look at while you stare off into space - ₹99

    Wall decals stuck on a wall, depicting a trees, flying birds, and open bird cages.

    Get it here.

    16. And finally, this convenient, cushioned, and comfortable lapdesk with a padded wrist rest so that you can convincingly pretend you're not taking the call from your bed but an actual desk - ₹699

    Various angles of a person working on their laptop, kept on their lapdesk.

    Get it here.